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Another fantastic way to get your restaurant shifts, employees and restaurant organized is by utilizing our professionally designed forms for restaurants and bars.

Workplace Wizards also has over 130 forms for restaurants and bars that includes checklists and spreadsheets.

These forms for restaurants were created by individuals that actually worked in corporate restaurants.  These restaurant forms were customized  and detailed for an achievable and effectiveness outcome. The use of these forms are vital in your restaurants operational success. For more information on how to view or purchase these valuable resources scroll down.

There are several ways to purchase these valuable resources from our website:

  1. Bundled packages with deep discounts
  2. When you purchase 6 or more restaurant forms, restaurant checklists or restaurant spreadsheets you will receive 50% off your entire order, that’s a huge savings!!
  3. Grouped individual forms for restaurants and bars, you can buy them separately. For example restaurant kitchen forms, restaurant server forms, restaurant management forms, restaurant human resources forms and restaurant operational forms.
  4. View and purchase individual restaurant forms, checklists and spreadsheets 

All of our forms for restaurants and bars were created by Microsoft Word/Excel – completely editable and Immediate / Downloadable

To view and purchase bundled packages or individual forms for restaurants and bars, scroll down below.
Bundled Forms for Restaurants and Bars 
Immediate Downloadable

Bundled Forms for restaurants and Bars
129 Professional Restaurant Forms, Checklists and Spreadsheets that will be beneficial for start-up restaurants or existing restaurants that is experiencing declining sales, customer complaints, customer service issues or employee related problems. Purchase these valuable resources for a low price of $75.00 was $966.00 ($891.00) off the original price. 
More Information: 129 Restaurant Forms, Checklists and Spreadsheets 
restaurant forms, checklists and spreadsheets

Bundled Forms for Restaurants and Bars – Management Forms and Checklists

51 Professional Restaurant Management Forms and Restaurant Forms that will be beneficial for your restaurant or bar needs (51 Bundled) for a low price of $19.99 was $254.49 ($235.49) off the original price. 
More Information: 51 Bundled Restaurant Management Forms and Restaurant Forms

 restaurant manager forms

 Forms for Restaurants and Bars (Bundled) – Server Forms and Checklists

32 Professional Restaurant Server Forms, Checklists and Spreadsheets that will be beneficial for your restaurant or bar needs (32 Bundled) for a low price of $19.99 was $157.59 ($137.60) off the original price.
More Information:
32 Bundled Restaurant Server Forms, Checklist and Spreadsheets        restaurant server forms

Bundled Forms for Restaurants and Bars – Kitchen Forms and Checklist

38 Professional forms that will be beneficial for your restaurant or bar needs (38 Bundled) for a low price of $19.99 was $174.61 ($154.62) off the original price. 
More Information: 38 Bundled Restaurant Forms, Checklists and Quick Reference Charts

restaurant kitchen forms

Bundled Forms for Restaurants and Bars – Operational Forms and Checklist

42 Professional forms that will be beneficial for your restaurant or bar needs (42 Bundled) for a low price of $19.99 was $214.59 ($194.60) off the original price.
restaurant operational forms
More Information: 42 Bundled Restaurant Operational Forms and Checklists

Bundled Forms for Restaurants – Human Resource Forms
30 Professional forms that will be beneficial for your restaurant or bar needs (30 Bundled) for a low price of $19.99 ($222.00) off the original price 
More Information:
 Bundled Human Resource Formsrestaurant human resource forms

Choose and download some helpful forms for restaurants today!
Click on the links below to view a webpage for each group of documents.

You will also be able to purchase these valuable forms for restaurants individually, go to:
Restaurant Forms, Checklists and Spreadsheets

All Restaurant Forms, Checklists, Quick Reference Charts,
Spreadsheets and Training Manuals

Do you need a variety of checklists and forms? Check out what you can find on our listing of All forms, checklists, spreadsheets, and quick reference charts. You will find lots to choose from with over 90 choices. Pick the best and remember there is a 50% discount if you purchase 6 or more items.

restaurant management forms

Restaurant Management Forms

When you manage a restaurant you have to do everything from restaurant staff hiring, workplace training, employee orientation and performance reviews-along with the day-to-day management of the shifts. On this page you’ll find the key resources to keep your employee files in order and maintain the paperwork you need to verify what is happening at your restaurant.

restaurant management forms

Restaurant Front of the House Forms, Checklists and Spreadsheets

What can you improve in your restaurant’s customer service? Even if you have good service, you can benefit from having your wait staff prepared with all the supplies and tools to give exceptional service to each customer. Some great resources are using checklists to make sure your front of house is ready for business before the first customer walks in the door. You’ll have all that you need so service staff and managers aren’t running around looking for items that could have been stocked in advance.
The Alley Rally form will motivate your entire staff to provide top notch service.
If you are very busy and have lines out the door you can use the wait seating form to keep track of guests waiting or a reservation form to be prepared for the right amount of guests and provide seating for those guests.
Keep your service staff busy with necessary tasks for customer service with the server side work chart. It can frustrate guests if your waiters and waitresses are standing around chatting while the customer sits with an empty glass. Give them constructive work to do in downtime.
On that note, one of the best things you can do is make sure all your waiters and waitresses know the Steps of Service. We have great resources for training your service staff and for keeping them on track with the right steps to providing service that makes a customer say “wow!”

restaurant front of the house forms

Restaurant Kitchen Forms, Checklists and Spreadsheets

Do your cooks and prep cooks know how much food to prepare in advance or are you running short sometimes or having waste other times? Using a prep sheet will help reduce those issues. Another great tool for being prepared is to use the Kitchen Checklist to ensure that you are ready for each shift.
Do your chefs and cooks know the right temperature for foods? The temperature danger zone chart is a great resource to hang in your kitchen. Educate the back of house staff on proper cooking temperatures and food safety by using forms and checklists.
There are also great training tools and quizzes regarding the food temperatures, responsibilities and more.

restaurant restaurant kitchen forms and checklists

Restaurant Employment, Labor Forms and Checklists

We have a variety of employment and labor forms that can be used to manage your restaurant and the employees.
The interviewing and hiring process is one of the most important stages in setting your business up for success.
The employment application, orientation checklist, employee hiring checklist and employee conduct performance agreement forms are a few of our forms and checklists that you will find very useful in hiring the best fit for your business and not to mention grooming employees into top performers.

restaurant employment and labor forms

Restaurant Cleaning Forms and Checklists

Do you ever step into the customer's shoes and see what they see? It is important to eliminate all eyesores from the customer’s perspective. Having a clean environment is critical to many customers.
Cleaning forms and checklists are fantastic tools if used properly and consistently.
The restaurant should be the cleanest place on earth because you are dealing with food. If the guest walks into the restroom and finds it dirty and the supplies are not kept up, then the customer will assume the entire restaurant is dirty and not kept up. This is bad for business, you may not lose them that particular night, but when the guest leaves the restaurant, then most likely they will not return.
The daily, weekly and monthly cleaning checklists and restroom checklists are a few of our checklists that you will find useful in helping monitor and maintain the cleaning process in your business.

restaurant cleaning forms

Restaurant Cash Control Forms and Spreadsheets

Do you have ways to track your sales and inventory?
You can monitor pertinent information and numbers that matter using our Restaurant spreadsheets. At a glance you will be able to view what's most important to the business owner or manager, the bottom line.
Our restaurant spreadsheets include food ordering spreadsheets, inventory spreadsheets, daily and nightly sales figure spreadsheets, timekeeping spreadsheets, cash register count spreadsheets, safe count spreadsheets and many more.
We have developed separate Restaurant Spreadsheet versions for food and alcohol, or only food. Many of our restaurant spreadsheets can easily be customized for any business.

restaurant cash control forms

restaurant consultingWorkplace Wizards restaurant consulting, forms and more have a variety of restaurant services that will fit your need and budget. Our restaurant consulting services are different than most other restaurant consulting companies.  We utilize fact-finding skills and keen intuition to figure out where losses were coming from.

Our restaurant consulting staff’ experience is mainly from the corporate restaurant world, where working systems are in place. 

We know firsthand that it takes dedication, passion for your job and a desire to provide the best service to make your restaurant succeed. If your restaurant is experiencing revenue loss, customer service issues, operational issues, restaurant start-up complications or substandard management/employee training we can help. Maybe you just want to improve what you already have. For more information on restaurant consulting services: http://www.workplacewizards.com/restaurant-consulting/ 

Workplace Wizards was created for restaurant owners, managers and employees. We primarily provide expert help in pinpointing issues or ongoing issues. We also provide quality restaurant management/employee training, restaurant assessments and more. We also provide services for restaurant start-ups or existing restaurants that is experiencing declining sales, customer complaints, customer service issues or employee related problems.

Restaurant Consulting

Contact us today for your free no obligation restaurant consultation
Restaurant Consulting, forms and more

Email us: Workplacewizards@gmail.com
Call us: Toll Free (800) 753-0657  Local  (717) 774-3698

Why should you choose Workplace Wizards for your restaurant?

We love working with Restaurant owners! You can trust us to work with you and your employees. We care about your restaurant. We can help you implement strategies that will work, as long as you follow them consistently. We are not afraid to tell it like it is to push you to where you need to be. We don’t pretend it will be easy, but we will do all we can to help you succeed.

Our Customers are Restaurant Owners and Managers Who:

Participate fully in their restaurant’s success

restaurant consutants

  • Resolve to always serve safe food and follow food safety guidelines
  • Aspire to have well trained staff and employees that are happy to work for them
  • Invest in our advice and implement the proven strategies that will work
  • Sustain a great working environment for their employees
  • Eager to do what it takes to make their restaurant profit
  • Determine to follow our guidance, even when it is not easy
  • Readily face the facts about what could be destroying their profits
  • Excel and want to achieve their dreams
  • Are not afraid to confront difficult employees and reward excellence
  • Maintain consistency and follow through on what works

Our restaurant consulting staff and valuable resources lead you to

  • Bring out the best in your employees
  • Control your food costs
  • Offer exceptional customer service to your guests
  • Manage your labor costs
  • Create a safe and fun working environment for your staff

We want to help you succeed and will give you realistic and honest advice. We will tell you what you need to do to make your restaurant be the place that customers rave about.

Our restaurant consulting staff members worked in the food service industry for over 25 years. We have experienced what works and what doesn’t. Our restaurant consulting personnel will guide you to make your restaurant successful and prosperous. Workplace Wizards have gathered resources to help you control your restaurant. With these resources, you can organize your restaurant. You will be able to go home at the end of the day knowing you have done your best!

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