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About Us “The Wizards”

Jeffrey Schim, CIO / Restaurant Consultant & Trainer

Hi, I’m Jeff. I have been in the food service industry for over 25 years. I have worked in every restaurant job from busboy, dish washer, cook, server to management.

In nearly every restaurant where I worked, I used my fact-finding skill and keen intuition to figure out where losses were coming from. I earned my first management jobs when I figured out and reported who was stealing from the restaurant. I read the facts, I observe what is happening and I can find the problem and the solution.

My training came from various corporations and individuals. My experience taught me what works and what does not work. I received intensive management training and schooling at several of the corporate restaurants where I worked.

I know firsthand that it takes dedication, passion for your job and a desire to provide the best service to make your restaurant succeed. Previous co-workers will tell you that I am passionate about cleanliness and sanitation in the restaurants. All those years of experience, learning and fact-finding have helped me know the systems and procedures that will be beneficial in making your restaurant successful. I am very observant and wise at seeing what can improve your restaurant’s success.

About Us “The Wizards”
Donna Schim, CEO Training Administrator

Hi, I’m Donna. I have over sixteen years of experience in training. I’ve trained in several different fields and venues.

I’ve worked as a technical trainer where I trained staff and customers how to use different software. I was also a Training Coordinator and trainer for social service organizations. I worked in HR and learned from the best.

For the past twelve years, I’ve been a CPR Instructor. I have worked with so many different types of people, from young children to adults. While I earned my BA in Behavioral Science, I worked in the college kitchen and library, and during the summer I was a short order cook and server. When my kids were young, and jobs were hard to find, I earned extra income for my family as a server. While working full-time, I have taken a second or third job in a restaurant for the extra income.

One of my greatest loves is training people.I am very passionate about helping others gain something new from the training. I have trained one-on-one and trained large crowds of people. I always want to feel connected with the people I train. I get excited when I help people learn something new.

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