Cash Register Audit Form

Cash Register Audit Form

This valuable form can be used in any business (Universal).

Cash Register Audit Form is valuable in minimizing cash shortages or overages. Use this form as a preventive tool. If you are a restaurant owner, general manager or district manager and you are dealing with constant cash shortages or overages, then look no further.

Accountability is the key in cash control.

Reduce or eliminate cash shortages or overages.  The auditor will audit a register by filling out all the information on the cash register audit form, documenting the shortage or overage with the explanation as to why the register is short or over. Include the employees response as to why the register is short or over. Basically you need to investigate the shortage or overage, never settle for ” I don’t know why I am short or over” there is always a reason why the registers are short or over.

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Cash Register Audit Form

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