Cash Register Balance Sheet

Cash Register Balance Sheet 

Two Separate Versions With or Without Alcohol 

Do you struggle with cash shortages? Are you finding it very difficult in holding your employees accountable for cash shortages? 
There is an easy solution in reducing cash shortages. The Cash Register Balance Sheet was designed by individuals who worked for many years in the restaurant industry specifically corporate restaurants where systems are proven to work.

Use the Cash Till Balance Sheet on every shift.  At the end of each employees shift the drawer needs to be balanced. The manager will close out the register and print out the employees closeout slip. The manager or supervisor should be in the presence of the employee while the drawer is being counted. The employee will be escorted to the count room by the manager on duty, away from all guests and other employees .

It is best to show the employee how to use the cash till balance form and let the employee count the drawer. Remember to hold the employee fully accountable, although the manager or supervisor needs to be overseeing the count in the count room with the employee. Never leave the employee alone in the count room. The manager should never count the drawer without the employee being present. If there is a shortage how can you hold that employee responsible?

Managers need to protect themselves follow the cash till balance verification process. This form is for accountability purposes. By using this form your employees and management will be held accountable for cash till overages and shortages.

Always file each form in the manager’s office, in case you need to refer back for more information.



Cash Register Balance Sheet No Alcohol

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Cash register balance sheet


Cash Register Balance Sheet With Alcohol

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