How to Create a WOW Restaurant

The process of creating a WOW restaurant starts during the hiring process, then the training.

Creating a WOW Restaurant
Hiring WOW Employees

Before you employ anyone, do a previous job history verification. For more great information on hiring quality WOW employee’s visit:

Every hiring manager should be on the same page, following the same policies and procedures. Managers need to honest, fair possess integrity and consistent in communication, delegation.

It would be a great idea to hold managers meeting weekly to discuss past issues concerning customer service or training. During the meeting you should discuss areas of opportunities to improve on and pass along with the staff, new menu items or policies and routines. Basically you are talking about what went right and what went wrong on the shifts.  This is a great time and opportunity to motivate your staff to perform at a higher standard.

Your business policy and procedure need to be consistent from shift to shift. To do this, management needs to go over the policies and procedures amongst each other.

They must agree to uphold your businesses policies and procedures at all times. Most importantly consistency needs to exist from shift to shift. If one shift is managed a certain way, then the other shifts need to be managed the same. Being consistent, fair and professional will help create a smoother running shift with less customer complaints.

When you are in the view of either employees or customers, be professional and always do the right thing. You are representing the owner of his or her restaurant. The restaurant’s future and lively hood is in your hands.

There are some managers that hire on the fly. From personal experience take your time and hire the right fit for your restaurant. These managers are pressured to hire on the fly mainly because they need to fill in an empty slot.  These methods will cost you hundreds if not thousands of wasted dollars. These particular restaurants are chaotic and dysfunctional. You are hiring to fill in a slot, you should be hiring high quality WOW employees.

Creating a WOW Restaurant

If you hire employees on the fly you may be making a revolving door of employees that are leaving your restaurant for a number of causes:

  • Frustrated employees that were not trained at all or had very little training.
  • Employees working in a bad working environment.
  • Managers that are not fair, consistent or professional with their staff members and customers.
  • Not respected or valued.
  • Not feeling like they are part of the team.
  • Over worked or depressed
  • Underpaid
  • No benefits are available

Creating a WOW Restaurant

How to keep employees working for you?

Simply, make the employee feel appreciated. Make an amazing work environment. Treat people fairly, professionally and consistently. Respect will go a long way.

Create a WOW training program:

The very first thing you need to do is create a wow training program. Hold a meeting with management and with certain key members of your staff to discuss your training program plan. Everyone should agree on how the training should be done and who will be doing the training and where.

Managers are to master every area in the restaurant.

Begin by developing your managers on policies, procedures, recipe specs and the operational standards of your business, which includes mastering every position in the restaurant and/or bar:

  • Manager
  • Server
  • Busser
  • Greeter
  • Dishwasher

Managers need to become leaders in your business. Managers also need to:

  • Possess excellent communication and customer service skills.
  • Need to take personal ownership.
  • Need to be consistent from shift to shift.
  • Need to be fair and professional with employees and customers.
  • Honesty
  • Have Integrity.

Train the managers to be on the floor where the money is 90% of the time and in the office 10%. Managers need to conduct table visits and touch every table at least once.

Be upbeat and always have a genuine smile on your face. Your staff members and customers can understand your body language. Never air your dirty laundry in the restaurant where the employees and customers can hear and see them. The customers are paying for great food and outstanding service, managers must be on his/her best behavior.

Creating a WOW Restaurant

Management will train the trainers

A position certified trainer/supervisor will master that position 100%.  Typically, there’s normally a front of the house trainer (FOH) and a back of the house trainer (BOH), head server or head cook. The certified trainer will train the new hires. All training must be consistent from shift to shift for each new hire. In addition, the trainer/supervisor should be empowered to commend/correct all employees, whether it is during training or during normal shifts. The trainer/supervisor is your second pair of eyes, sometimes they can see things that you can’t. Follow the training steps perfectly.

If a certain employee is having difficulty in in training step allow extra training time to complete that step, some employees learn faster than others.

At the conclusion of each training day, the trainer should evaluate the new hire. Go over what went right and areas of opportunity. Come up with an action plan with measurable results to be met at a reasonable time frame, keep it simple.

Accountability is the key word. Every employee should be held responsible and accountable in what they do and how they function during all shifts.


Creating a WOW restaurant

  • Managers overall responsibility’s.
  • How to hire WOW employees, don’t hire on the fly.
  • Set high standards and workable goals. Your restaurant’s reputation and future depend on that.
  • Hold weekly management meetings to go over past shift issues and areas of opportunities.
  • Create and implement your training program. Be consistent from shift to shift.
  • Hold staff members responsible and accountable.
  • Train management, then train the trainers. The trainers will train the rest of the staff.
  • Management’s personality. Every manager has a different personality, that’s what makes them unique. Managers need to be on the same page from shift to shift.
  • Moral and maturity. Managers should have moral standards, do the right thing for the right reasons and be mature.
  • Management’s integrity. Be honest and fair, it goes a long way.

Creating a WOW Restaurant
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