Date Dot Chart

Date Dot Chart

Date Dot Chart is a great system to track when you should use items that have been prepped? Date Dot Chart if used properly and consistently will help reduce food waste and possible out breaks of food borne illness.

Using the Date Dot Chart is a great way to know if food should be tossed out.

Use First stickers are very simple ways to help keep food rotated and know what item should be used first. This keeps food safe for your guests.

Managers on duty should develop a good habit in checking first thing in the morning and just before the completion of their shift to make sure that there are no expired date dots in any food storage area. All date dots need to be filled out correctly.

The information on the date dates should be”

Date Dot Chart

  • Name of the product
  • Shelf life date or use by date
  • Employees name that prepped the item.

Laminate this chart and post it in your prep room for easy access.

Check out the Still Tasty Shelf Life Reference Site

Go to the Still Tasty site to locate your menu product shelf life expectancy for both the walk-in, freezer and dry storage.


Date Dot Chart

date dot chart

Date Dot Chart

Date Dots
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