Employee Exit Interview

Employee Exit Interview

Employee Exit Interview

This form is a good tool and helps to determine why the employee is separated from the place of employment.

You can use the information you gather from the interview to read about possible areas of improvement. Give this form to the employee that is leaving your restaurant, whether they were terminated or if they quit. The employee fills out the form, giving their input explaining why they are leaving the restaurant, or why they were let go due to poor performance.

The information collected will help you determine if you have issues which need attention. This will help pinpoint the issues, such as a management issue, or a training issue. It is best to compare several exit interviews. You can look for similarities, that may give you insight about your business. If employees are saying the same thing about the managers, or the training, then most likely that is the issue. Keep in mind who is filling out the employee exit interview. Would that employee give you good feedback?

Employees are trained by either trainers or management. These employees will only be as good as you train them. There is always a reason as to why employees either quit or are terminated from employment. As an owner of a business you want your business to run like clockwork and consistent. There are management that may have not been trained correctly or they lost interest. These managers give poor direction to the crew. Honestly, they just don’t care anymore.

The real question is WHY?

The answer is the EXIT INTERVIEW.  The only way you are going to know why is by asking, “Why are you leaving?” Use the Exit Interview to truly know why they want to leave your business. This form was designed for restaurants, it also can be used by any business.

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Employee Exit Interview

employee exit interview
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