Food Service Forms and Checklist

Food Service Forms and Checklist

food service forms and checklist

Why are Forms and Checklist important 
for Restaurant Growth?


Food Service Forms and Checklist

Forms and Checklists play a huge role in a restaurant. There are literally hundreds of forms and checklist on the internet. How do you know which forms will help me with my restaurant? Any form or checklist that helps organize the restaurant prior to any meal period will defiantly move your restaurant forward.


Food Service Forms and Checklist

Restaurant Back of the House Forms and Checklist:
Food prep sheet  This form will help you determine how much food should be prepped for the entire day. This form will help reduce food waste as long as you use this form properly. Which results in more money in your pocket.

Pull thaw sheet  Pulling product from the freezer to the walk-in will allow the product to thaw. Once the product is thawed, then the product can be used by the prep cooks for preparing different kinds of foods. Remember certain food takes longer to thaw than others.

Produce Order Sheet  Are you constantly running out of product? Are you over ordering product and creating food waste? Use this sheet to get a grip on your ordering. Easy to use direction. Put more money in your pocket and not in the trash.

Kitchen Checklist –  Preparing for a smooth running shift is key to good customer service. The manager on duty will use the checklist to prepare the Shift for the peak time meal period. The manager is looking for proper stocking levels, no expired date dots, proper rotation, proper scoops, utensils, ladles. The manager on duty delegates to the kitchen staff any discrepancies that need attention before the peak time.

Kitchen Side Work Chart. – Assign your cooking staff side work. The side work should be completed before, during and at the end of that particular cooks shift. If the side work is done properly and consistently then the kitchen will not run out of product and the clean as you go will be kept up which equals a great running shift in the kitchen.  

Kitchen Closing ChecklistA great tool that will help close down your kitchen properly. The closing cook uses this checklist to close down the kitchen. The manager will verify that the cook used the checklist properly and will delegate any discrepancies that need attention.

Kitchen Training Checklist –  Use this checklist to verify that the new employees position training was done correctly. The training manager should pop quiz the new staff member to ensure that the information is being retained by memory. Remember train your staff the right way, do not create short cuts.  The short cuts will be very costly in the end.

Food Service Forms and Checklist

Restaurant Front of The House Forms
Customer Survey  –  This is a good way to see from the guest’s perspective. This is commonly referred as The Customers Eye. See what your customers see and hear.

 You need to protect your investment by knowing how you can be proactive in preventing customer related issues and operational issues.

Your manager needs to be in the dining room where the money is touching tables 90% of the time and 10% in the office. The manager in charge of that shift will hand out the Customer Surveys to your customers.

You will learn the customer’s perspective and ways to recognize areas of opportunity.  Your customers may mention an employee that is doing a fantastic job. This is an opportunity to praise that employee.

This helps build employee morale.  Your ultimate mission is to build an army of employees who possess proficiency and knowledge in providing WOW customer service which will create repeat business.

Server Opening ChecklistThis checklist if used properly and consistently will help prepare the shift towards success. Setting up the shift by ensuring the stocking/ organization and sanitation is completed prior to the opening of the restaurant.

Server Side Work Chart Assign the server staff task to be kept up before, during and at the end of the servers shift. Smoothness and less customer related issues are your goals. Setting up the next shift is another goal when using the server side work chart.

Front of the House ChecklistAn excellent tool in preparing the shift prior to a peak time meal period. This checklist covers the parking lot, lobby/greeter area, restrooms, dining room and server aisle. The management team should use this checklist in eliminating all eye sores. A better prepared shift equals less customer service issues.

Server Aisle Checklist  –  The manager on duty will use this checklist 30 minutes prior to any meal period. This checklist is vital in providing excellent customer service. 

The manager will be checking:

  • Service aisle stocking (food & paper good).
  • Rotation of product.
  • Use of date dots.
  • Cleanliness and sanitation
  • Server readiness.
  • Server assignments
  • Server uniforms.
  • Etc.

Steps of Service Chart –  Have your servers learn the steps of service. Your guest will receive excellent WOW service as long as they follow the server steps.
The steps are designed perfectly and will give you great results. Just remember that you have to know and do the steps to achieve excellent results

 Restaurant Alley Rally FormHave you ever wondered why your shifts are so chaotic and disorganized? 

This is a very simple form to use, and yet it does so much for your restaurant.  All you have to do is fill in all your employees’ names and their shifts onto the form. Think of this form as a pep rally, you are getting your employees excited and geared for the shift.

Here are some of the ideas you can talk to your crew about:

  • Contest to motivate your staff members.
  • Cash incentives for a job well done.
  • Suggestive selling / up selling
  • Employee recognition.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner features.
  • Appetizers and dessert features.
  • Etc.

Always be upbeat and positive, never be negative or talk negative. The point of the alley rally is to communicate and to generate positive, exciting energy down to the staff. The customers will see your employee’s aura of positive energy. Happy employees equal happy customers.


Food Service Forms and Checklist

Restaurant Management Forms

Restaurant Manager Performance Review  –  An excellent tool in documenting your managers performance and achievements.  Discuss with your manager areas of opportunities and strengths. Come up with an action plan and review it with your manager. Set a time line as to when you would like the areas of opportunities to to improve.

Restaurant Manager 360 Feedback Forms Another good way to see and hear from the employee’s perspective. Hand out the managers 360 feedback  to employees that will give you honest feedback.  You can form a basic opinion that your top employees gave you. Use this information to retrain your managers or to discuss one on one with that specific manager on ways to reverse the basic opinion that was received from your staff members. 

These are just a few Restaurant forms; there are many other forms that will help you organize your shifts. Just think, if you can get every customer to say WOW as they leave your restaurant, then your staff members did their job.

 Word of Mouth of a great source of free advertisement. All you have to is to motivate your staff members in giving WOW customer service.

The best way to make this happen is to concentrate on one customer at a time.

  • Servers concentrate on each of their guests.
  • Greeters greet each guest with a warm and friendly smile.
  • Managers touch each guest table to ensure that they are receiving great customer service.
  • Cooks concentrate on check times, time and temperature, the quality of foods and plate presentation.
  • Owners / General Managers concentrate on supervising the managers. Ensuring that each guest leaves happy no matter what.

Management Opening Checklist –  This can be used as a cheat sheet for existing or new managers. The managers opening checklist covers everything that is needed to properly open your restaurant.
Management Closing Checklist  The manager conducts a walk through throughout the entire restaurant close, verifying that the items on the checklist was closed down properly. This checklist also covers the managers paperwork and deposits.


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