Food Temperature Log

Food Temperature Log

This form is crucial  in monitoring foods that can be dangerous to your customers and employees. Foods that are not cooked to the proper temperature can develop bacteria that can be dangerous to humans.  If the food is not cooked to the proper temperature you are risking your customers and employees health by exposing them to food borne illnesses.

Play it safe and require that managers and supervisors use the food temperature log to record food temperatures throughout the shift.  By recording those temperatures that managers will be able to see at a glance if the food is not at temperature and react to reheat the foods back up to 165ºF for 15 Seconds in the microwave.

To reheat foods using the stove top method follow the same procedures for heating product in the microwave, stir the product frequently.

Holding food temperatures

Remember if the product temperature falls below 135ºF, then you must reheat the product back up to 165ºF for 15 Seconds. Another good reason to use this form is it is a fantastic tool in helping management  pinpoint temperatures that fall into the temperature danger zone.

Being proactive and correcting temperature issues will help decrease customer related issues such as cold food and potentially dangerous food that could get your customers and employees sick due to food borne illness. This form also comes with a detailed instructions page that will guide you through the process. We also included plenty of information and tips that will help your managers understand why a temperature log should be used in every restaurant.

For information on food temperature and food safety:

Food Temperature Log

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food temperature log