Food Waste Sheet

Food Waste Sheet

Do you have a way to keep track of how much food you are wasting at your Restaurant? You may be surprised at the money you lose every day because of wasted food. 
Keep track of it gives you the opportunity to place controls on losses, retrain employees who are often wasting food, and is a good practice to pair with your inventory. If you don’t have a record of what is happening, then you may not have any idea of how much you are losing.

This will let you know if there are issues with the servers placing orders incorrectly, or with kitchen staff making lots of mistakes by over-cooking or under-cooking food, or by making the wrong dish. Pair the waste sheet with your Inventory and Cash Control to know what is happening. If you are having issues with certain foods being wasted, set up a perpetual inventory for tracking those foods more often to know where the loss is the greatest.

Too often we just assume that people are honest, but in reality, there are big problems right under our nose and we miss them. Even the most trusted employee could be making mistakes. This give you the chance to correct the problem. If one employee has consistent issues on waste, maybe they need some additional training or guidance, or consider having them learn a position where waste won’t be a concern, such as busing tables or dish washing.

When used with your inventory, this also can give you some clues on whether food is being stolen. If the food is consistently recorded on the waste sheets and you still have inventory “missing”, it could be due to theft, or simply due to preparing over the specifications on certain products.

Food Waste Sheet

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Food Waste Sheet

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