Incident Report

Incident Report

Restaurant Employee or Guest Accident/Incident Report

incident reportIt is very import that restaurant owners, district managers, managers and shift supervisors are trained in how to use this valuable report  A properly filled out incident report can be used in an insurance claim, lawsuit or an unemployment hearing. The burden of proof falls on the business to prove what actually happen the day of the accident or incident, especially, if the outcome is in your favor.

Another way to strengthen your case is to takes pictures of the incident.  Buy a disposable camera and store it in the managers office.  Train your managers to use the this valuable asset and if necessary use the disposable camera in any employee/guest incident.

In today’s world  some people are looking for a free ride, meaning staging false claims against businesses.  Don’t be like some businesses that have little or no documentation on an incident involving employees or customers. This sort of habit can be very costly and will definitely affect your bottom line (wallet).

The documentation process is as follows;

  1. Restaurant name and address
  2. Restaurant Phone number
  3. Owner or General Managers name
  4. Person filling out this report or manager on duty name
  5. Manager contact information
  6. Persons involved; gender, DOB, address, phone numbers
  7. Any witnesses
  8. Accident or injury related to; persons, property, vehicles, other
  9. Description of accident or incident
  10. First response actions
  11. Other actions
  12. Use of disposable cameras

Be very detailed as much as possible, the smallest details do matter.  Make copies of the accident or incident report and give it to the owner and general manger for review. Once the review process is complete, then forward the document to your insurance company for processing. Remember there is a time limit to file the accident or incident report to your insurance company. If you do not fill the document in a timely matter to your insurance company it may not be accepted. If the document is not accepted, then the insurance may not pay out the claim.

Also, remember witnesses and photos of the accident or incident may strengthen your case of an accident of incident claim.

Use the employee write form as a documentation tool:


Employee or Guest Accident/Incident Report

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