Kitchen Side Work Chart

Kitchen Side Work Chart

Assigned Work for Cooks and Chefs

Do your Kitchen staff leave the next shift set up for success? Do they keep up on tasks like clean-as-you-go? Are they scrambling for missing items during peak time? Use this simple proven system to keep up on the work, and your kitchen run more smoothly. You’ll also keep your kitchen staff accountable by assigning specific tasks. Using the Kitchen Side Work Chart will also make it easier for you to distribute tasks evenly between staff members. 

The organization and preparedness of your kitchen is a major aspect to serving quality food!

How to use the Kitchen Side Work Chart?

The first page of the kitchen side work chart should be assigned to the first, second, third, forth cooks that are scheduled off in time order. The second page of the kitchen side work chart will be assigned to the closing cook. You can edit this form to fit your restaurants needs. If you need assistance email us at [email protected] I you need us to modify this form or create a specific form contact us at [email protected] Call us at (800) 753-0657 Local (717) 774-3698

Kitchen Side Work Chart

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Another great resource is:

The Server Side Work Chart  – Use this server side work chart to assigned servers specific duties to ensure that the shift is set up for success. When the servers arrives to work they are to view the server side work chart to determine what their side work is. The assigned work needs completed before they wait on tables. The assigned server also needs to keep up with their side work although out the shift and at the end of the shift. The closing manager or closing server will check to see if the server closed down the assigned side work correctly.

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