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The restaurant and bar business can be quite hectic, especially during the meal time peak periods. If you are a large restaurant or bar, then it becomes even more challenging to manage your business. If you were to physically stand in the center of your business, would you or your managers be able to effectively manage the restaurant without jeopardizing guest service?

My response to that question is, that depends on two things:

1) Size of the business
2) The amount of employees that are working on any particular shift.

Manage your business by the square feet, the bigger the business, the more difficult it becomes to manage.

The size of the business matters

If you can see and hear the every customer and every employee from where you are standing in the restaurant, then it becomes much easier to manage. Having the right amount of staff scheduled is critical in providing WOW Customer Service to each and every guest. To help reduce your labor cost, cross train your employees and hire top performers who possess a sense of urgency.  Give the employees your expectations along with time frames to complete task in a timely manner. The owner, general manager and restaurant managers should be involved in the operational aspect of your business. Don’t be afraid to schedule yourself into a position as a server, cook or as a greeter in order to achieve your targeted labor percent goal.

Training your employees to be productive top performing quality employees will yield you fantastic results, specifically in customer service.

How can you effectively manage your business?

By downloading information into your brain, then processing large amounts of knowledge and applying that information to your business, customers and the employees in a positive, consistent manner.

After obtaining the necessary knowledge for the type of business you are in, then it’s time to pass the buck to your employees.   Your employees are now exposed to that knowledge that you passed down to them. It doesn’t stop there, the endless cycle of training, monitoring and correcting is an on-going process.

Let say that your employees are not retaining the information passed down to them from you or they chose not to move forward using that knowledge. This may cause a domino effect of bad behavior to every employee in your business.

Letting your employees run your business instead of you managing them will definitely create an unorganized, chaotic outcome.  This outcome will cost you BIG-TIME, hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over periods of time.

Restaurant Checklist

All that money adds up over time, reducing the amount of currency in that trash can will increase your chances of success.  There are hundreds of ways to lose revenue in your business. How do you pin-point the issues that are keeping you and your business from moving forward and prospering?

Restaurant Assessments are an effective way to pinpoint problems in your business.  Restaurant Assessments are inexpensive compared to not doing anything to fix the issues.

In reality, you are creating Cash in the Trash.

What is WRP?

Willingness: Wanting to make a positive difference, you have to want to do it
Rational Decision Making: Creating logically sound decisions
Perseverance: If you want something bad enough, you can achieve it.

Apply WRP to your daily walk-through routine. Don’t give up until you have reached your goals and even then stay the course. Maintain WRP at all cost.

Use the restaurant assessment action plan form to record, identify and correct areas of opportunities.  The owner, general manager or district manager should oversee every manager and supervisor during the action plan process. This is to ensure that the contents of the action plan are being executed properly and consistently.  Create a reasonable expectation with attainable time frames to fix the issues outlined in the action plan.

Remember the Smart Goal Method:

Set SMART Goals

  • Specific – be very specific and describe what needs to be done to achieve the goal
  • Measurable – have a way to measure the goal and track how close it is to being achieved
  • Actionable – the actions needed to achieve the goal, small steps toward bigger goals
  • Realistic – be realistic and attainable, you can reach the top by meeting smaller goals
  • Timely – there should be a specific time frame and deadline to achieve the goal

Applying a variety of strategies to help pinpoint areas of opportunities are necessary components of a working system that will yield you positive results. Remember, include a working, well designed action plan. It’s your money, reduce the amount of Cash in the Trash.

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