Restaurant Alcohol Vendor Sheet

 Restaurant Alcohol Vendor Form

The restaurant alcohol vendor form is a fantastic tool to record all your alcohol vendor deliveries.

As the delivery is brought in the restaurant through the back door the manager on duty will verify it by cross checking the restaurants order sheet versus the alcohol invoice. If for some reason you discover a discrepancy ask the driver to check his truck for the reminder of the order or as for a credit. 

Make sure if a case is opened that you verify its contents.
If you don not verify the order by visually checking to make sure the quantity is correct. the restaurant vendor delivery person may take advantage of that and steal from you. Just so you know vendor theft is more common then you think. Be proactive and verify the shipment.

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 Restaurant Alcohol Vendor Form

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alcohol vendor form

 Restaurant Alcohol Vendor Form

It is a good practice to secure all liquor, beer and wine in a locked room. The key to this room should be secured in the managers office. Never give that key to a staff member, protect your investment and give the key to the owner/manager.

Using the restaurant alcohol vendor sheet is vital when it comes down to your alcohol inventory percentage. Because some alcohol is pricey that can deeply impact the alcohol inventory percentage.

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