Restaurant Assessments

Restaurant Assessments

How does restaurant assessments work?

First, we’ll speak with you on the phone to determine what your concerns are about your restaurant and how we can help you.  Submit your call request on our Contact Us form.  

Remember your 1st phone consultation is FREE.

The restaurant assessments will be set up at a suitable time for you.

  • During the phone conversation we get some basic information about your restaurant.  We will set up the date for the on-site restaurant assessments during the call.
  • We will come to your restaurant and meet with you and any staff you choose to have present.
  • We would like to review some of your financial documents and other paperwork to get a better idea of how your establishment functions.
  • As part of the Restaurant Assessment, we will walk with you through your restaurant.
  • You can point out anything that is unique about your restaurant or concerns you may already have.
  • Our restaurant consulting wizards will observe and ask you some questions.
  • The consultants may take notes during the walk. After we walk through the restaurant, the consultants will sit down with you and discuss how to proceed.

Strategies to assist you may include on-site restaurant training or even remote restaurant training with a live instructor. We’ll discuss operational areas of opportunity and the strengths of your restaurant.

Why would I want an assessment?

It is tough to take an objective look at your restaurant. You are too close to see some of the issues that may be clear to someone else. Your restaurant in in the customer’s view at all times and they will scrutinize everything about your restaurant.

Look through the customer’s eyes. If you were a customer coming in to your restaurant, what do you think you would see?

  • Is parking lot trashy or clean?
  • Is there a staff member there to greet me?
  • Does the restaurant look clean and organized?
  • How is my service?
  • Did I receive fast service?
  • Was the food hot and of quality?
  • Did it look eye appealing?
  • Was my server attentive?
  • Was the staff personable and professional?
  • Did I see a manager?
  • Were there any eye sores?

The list goes on… the customer’s perception of your restaurant is your reputation.

Do you really want to gamble with your reputation?

Your reputation can either draw customers in or push customers away.

  • A functional restaurant that is clean and properly operated will generate more income and stay in business longer.
  • A restaurant that is dirty and inconsistent in the daily operations generates more customer complaints and quickly loses customers and money.  The end result may be the closing of the restaurant.
  • Everyone wants to flourish in their restaurant business and they also want to stay in business.  The restaurant assessment will identify the key issues in your restaurant.
  • We will give suggested corrective actions that are necessary to keep your restaurant in the competitive market for years to come.
  • We will also look at the strengths and uniqueness of your restaurant and how to use that to your advantage and generate more business

Are You Ready To Succeed?

You will save more money than you spend on this assessment, if you follow through on our recommendations. Call us today, all assessments prices are based on your needs. After consulting about your restaurant or bar assessment needs we will discuss a sensible price for your services.

Contact us: [email protected]
Toll Free (800) 753-0657  Local  (717) 774-3698

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