Cash Till Balance System

Cash Till Balance System (with or with out alcohol)

Does your business have continuous cash shortages? Are you unable to determine why you are short money?

The key is accountability! The Cash Till Balance Sheet is useful in every business that has cash tills.

This is a sample of a added tool to help your business understand where you stand month to date.
These pages will automatically calculate from the information entered on the daily counts, so you always have the most recent information. You can even sort the information by columns.
Also if there is a shortage of more then $5.00 it will highlight in yellow
Coupons more then $20.00 will highlight in Blue
Customer Comps more then $25.00 will highlight in Grey
Alcohol Comps more then $25.00 will highlight in Red
Voids more then $20.00 will highlight in Green
Over-rings will highlight in Purple

How will this chart help your business?
You can track the progress of the restaurant by category and view trends and view areas highlighted looking for common denominators such as:
Shortages falling on the same shifts and employee
Unusual amounts of coupons, comps, voids and over-rings by comparing to other employee numbers, which will indicate a red flag telling you that you might have a problem with a dishonest employee
To help you with calculation and review we have included the totals per category along with the percentages

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