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Closing Kitchen Checklist

Closing Kitchen Checklist

Closing kitchen checklist is an excellent way to make sure you have covered all the topics during new hire orientation. Use the checklist to verify that everything has been done. Have employees fill in the basic information and emergency contacts at the bottom of the form.

Closing kitchen checklist -Does your morning kitchen staff have to clean up from the night before? Do your closer’s pay attention to food safety and prepare for the next shift? Want to make sure that your kitchen is properly closed? Use the closing kitchen checklist to verify the closing tasks for the Kitchen, Dish Room, and Prep Area. The Kitchen Manager verifies that the other kitchen staff completed all their assigned tasks and closed down their area properly. At the end of the night, the Manager confirms that all the tasks on the closing kitchen checklist are completed.

The proper Kitchen Close sets the morning shift up for food service success!

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Kitchen Side Work Chart – Using this chart properly and consistently will allow the cooks to spend less time stocking and more time selling foods to you guest. Cooks as they arrive to work should complete the side work before actually cooking. They should also keep up with the side work all throughout the the shift and at the end of the shift.

Server Closing Checklist – The closing server needs to use this checklist to ensure the front of the house is closed down properly. The closing server or closing manager should checkout the servers to make sure the side work and sections are closed down properly. Using this checklist properly and consistently will help set up the morning shift. Each shift sets up the the next shift.

Servers Side Work Chart – The arriving servers need to focus on the assigned side work before waiting on tables to ensure that you don’t run out of a certain item. They also need to keep up the assigned side work all throughout and at the end of their shifts.

The Manager Closing Checklist –  The closing manager uses this checklist to make sure all closing duties are completed nightly

Closing duties are:

  • Checking out all front of the house and back of the house to ensure the assigned task are completed and to ensure it is closed down properly. Stocking and cleaning task also need completed.
  • Cash and credit are reconciled.
  • All cash are to secured in the safe.
  • Count to safe to ensure the backup cash and rolled coins are at the set amount.
  • Credit cards settlements complete.
  • All computer and paperwork completed.
  • Final walk through completed – temperatures for all refrigerated/freezers are checked. Make sure all guest and employees have departed the restaurant.
  • Making sure the gills, fryers, steam tables, ovens, coffee machines, hood exhaust and other equipment are turned off.
  • Leaving the restaurant with another employee for security reasons.
  • Setting the alarm.
  • Never take a deposit to the bank at night time. Deposits should be taken to the bank by the opening manager.

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