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Restaurant Cook Knowledge Review and Answer Key

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Test your cook’s knowledge with the restaurant cook knowledge review. The employees knowledge is very important because it is the difference between great customer service and inferior customer service.

In some many restaurants all throughout the United States, we hire cooks,  in our minds we think they already know how to cook. This not so, in-fact a lot of cooks claim that they were trained as a cook when in fact, that particular cook shows very little knowledge in that position why?

Restaurant Cook Knowledge Review
I have seen it myself, we hire to fill in an empty slot or hire on the fly. We lose employees and need to hire someone quickly to fill in the slot before the weekend rolls in.

We throw this new employee into a position with either no training or very little training all because we assumed that the cook already knows how to cook. Learning how to cook is one aspect of the job description

What else do your cooks need to know? 

Restaurant Cook Knowledge Review

The Temperature Danger Zone.

  • Food Safety.
  • Sanitation Procedures.
  • Menu Knowledge.
  • Cooking Skills.
  • Timing of Foods.
  • Position Training: Fry Station, Grill Station, Charbroil Position, Hot Station Position, Cold Station Position, Expediter Position, Prep Position,  Front Wheel Station, Salad Station, Dish Washer Position, Sandwich Station, Appetizer Station.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Knowledgeable in Policies and Procedures.
  • Hand Washing.
  • And More.

WOW that is a lot for a cook to know.  What happens for some reason if another cook calls out. Well, that is exactly why your cooks need to be crossed trained in every position. In fact a really good idea is to cross train your prep cook and dish washer employees. Your managers should also be trained in every position in the kitchen. Again, if there is a call out in the kitchen and you don’t invest in cross training your managers and staff members who is going to step up to the plate and cook?  Are you going to close down your restaurant for the day or night and risk losing all that revenue simply because you decided not spend money on quality cross training. Let me spell this out for you, YOU WILL LOSE MORE MONEY closing your restaurant because you have no one crossed trained in the kitchen, verses cross training employees whom you can use as a backup so you don’t lose money.

Do not forget the main reason management needs to be trained in every position in the kitchen (back up cook). Management also needs to conduct frequent walk-through’s in the kitchen to ensure the tickets times are with-in standard check times. If the check times are out of sync, then management needs to jump in and bail out the kitchen until the tickets are back under control.

Use the restaurant cook test to ensure that your cooks possesses the necessary knowledge to create great customer service and a smooth running kitchen that your customer’s want and deserves.

Restaurant Cook Knowledge Review 

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