Restaurant Cutting Board Color Coding Chart

Restaurant Cutting Board Color Coding Chart

Keeping your food safe is vital to staying in business. Avoid cross-contamination of food. One way to keep it safe is to have a color coding system for your cutting boards. This sheet has recommended colors and also recommendations on cleaning and sanitation.

Food safety needs to be at the top of your list. If a customer or employee get ill because they ate at your restaurant it may cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in revenue.

Teach and coach all of your employees on food safety.

Ways to stay safe:

  • Managers in the AM should check that all products do not have an expired date dot on them.
  • Teach your staff on “First IN First Out” (FIFO)
  • Managers need to verify that the prep person are using gloves and using the correct cutting boards when prepping.
  • Periodically management should verify that prep is cooling down foods properly.

There are several ways to properly cool down hot foods

  1. Use shallow pans – The pan measurements should by 4×2 four inches high and 2 inches deep. The food in this pan will cool down quickly. Place the pan in the walk-in do not stack other pans on top. When the food has cooled down  below 41 degrees than you can stack other pans onto of them.
  2. Reduce the food mass – cut meats in half or quarters and place the cut meats in a 4×2 pan. Place that pan into the walk-in until it cools down to 41 degrees or below.
  3. Ice bath method –  Submerge the food pan in a ice bath or prep sink full of ice. Stir the food in the pan frequently. Store the food when the temperature reaches 41 degrees or below.
  4. Two step cooling process – Verify Temperatures.  Use a thermometer that is properly calibrated to record temperatures when cooling to make sure that the internal temperature is cooled from 140  degrees F. to 70 degrees F. within two hours; and then 70 degrees F. to 40 degrees F. or below, within four hours. So you have a total of six hours, but the  first two hours are the most critical.

Restaurant Cutting Board Color Coding Chart

cutting board color coding chart

Restaurant Cutting Board Color Coding Chart

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