Restaurant Greeter Job Description

Restaurant Greeter Job Description

The first impression of the restaurant is very important. The guest perception in regards to the first impression is key to repeat business and in providing WOW customer Service that each customer expects. The Restaurant Greeter Job Description will guide the employee in what is needed to perform the position correctly and effectively.

How to use the Restaurant Greeter Job Description Form?

During the hiring process before you decide to hire the perspective candidate have the candidate read and sign the restaurant greeter job description form. If the candidate indicates that they are going to follow the restaurant greeter job description and responsibilities procedures and signs the form, then you may proceed to the next level of the hiring process. After you hire the employee and sometime down the road you begin to have issues with that particular person refer back to signed restaurant greeter job description form and remind them of your policies.

If the employee does not want to follow your policies and procedures that is outlined in the restaurant greeter job description form then you need to create a paper trail that explains in detail that this employee violated rules in which they signed a form to abide by. If you have no choice and you have to terminate this person, then by having a paper trail and a signed acknowledgement of your rules will make it very difficult for that person to win an unemployment case against your restaurant. Remember the burden of proof falls on the restaurant to prove that there was a just cause in terminating that particular person from your restaurant. By creating a paper trail improves the chances of winning the case against the employee.

Evaluating Employees

Evaluate your restaurant employees frequently. Use the employee performance review to stay on top of your employees performance and to get them accountable.

Keeping a solid record of the employees performance also serves as a paper trail if needed. To properly utilize this form create an action plan with a time line of when you would like the issues to be corrected by. The signature of both the employee and a witness is needed to bind the employee performance review.

The proper procedure in reprimanding an employee or terminating employees is as follows:

  • Verbal discussions. The one minute manager is a fantastic concept to utilize daily. As the manager approaches the employee the communication needs to be short but effective. The manager should think before he/she says. Long drawn out communication can be non-effective and takes up valuable time on both ends. There are two possible reasons why a manager needs to approach an employee who needs the one minute correction:  Violation procedures or maybe they need direction to complete a task that was assigned to them.
  • Written documentation. Depending on the violation of the offence the employee should be given the chance to correct themselves before drastic measures such as termination of employment. Before an employee is considered for termination you should have at least 3 write ups in the employees file. Each write up should have an action plan with a time line to be corrected. The employee should sign the form along with a witness signature. Presenting these writes ups at an unemployment hearing or a civil court case hearing will increase the restaurants chance of winning the case.

Always write out an action plan and a time line of when you would like the employee to correct themselves. If the employee was let go due to theft of drug/alcohol use then it may be justified depending on extent of the violation. Be advised that drug / alcohol rehabilitation maybe required as a condition of employment depending if the addiction is covered under American Disability Act  (ADA).

Federal Guidelines Drug/Alcohol use in the workplace

Always have a witness who visually witnessed the employee signing and acknowledging the write up or performance review. The restaurant greeter job description is a must have tool in employee retention.

Here are some great forms to use in creating paper trails:

Employee Write up Form
Employee Performance Review


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Restaurant Greeter Job Description

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restaurant greeter job description

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