Restaurant Guest Survey form

Restaurant Guest Survey Form

This is one of the best ways to know how well you are doing at your restaurant. Get honest feedback from your guests. How is your service? Food? Atmosphere? All these things impact repeat business and word of mouth advertising. 

Using the restaurant guest survey form will definitely give you the insight of your daily operations. Hand out the guest survey to your guest while they are still eating.

Are the servers going over and beyond? Are they managers in the dining room where the money is? Are the Managers spending 90% of their time in the dining room and giving direction to the staff members? The managers should be in the office 10% of the time.

Overlap managers to do food orders, inventories, interviews. opening and closing paperwork and task. A manager should be with the guest and employees most of their times especially during peak times.

Look at it from the guest perspective, see what they see, jump into their shoes the (customer’s eye).  The bathrooms must be kept up and well stocked. The greeter area cleaned and organized. Menus stocked and clean. The dining room clean, stocked and organized. Ceiling and vents cleaned monthly. Walls and floors clean.

Sit down in the dining room and pretend to be a guest look all the way around and up and down. See what they see. If you see an eyesore take care of it. Guest come into your restaurant to receive great food at a reasonable price served fast and consistently.

The manager should be in the dining room touching tables to ensure the guest is receiving WOW customer service. The manager should be doing the figure eights all throughout the restaurant observing each area and giving direction to the crew and following up in that direction.

Restaurant Guest Survey Form
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