Restaurant Human Resource Forms

Restaurant Human Resource Forms

We have a very special offer that we put together for your specific needs. Workplace Wizards managed to bundle 30 Human Resources forms that we feel would be beneficial for your business.

restaurant human resource forms

Restaurant Human Resource Forms

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Restaurant Human Resource Forms

Employee Hiring Checklist & Information
During the hiring process there is specific information that should be completed before the employee begins their training.  

  • Completed Application
  • W-4 Withholding, I-9 Employment Verification and Minor Work Permit
  • Employee Contact Information and Employee Handbook
  • Uniform Dress Code Standards and Unlawful Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation
  • Polices and Procedures Acknowledgement, Initial Fire/Safety Training and Food Safety Training
  • Schedule and Training Agenda and a Complete Tour of the Restaurant Facility

In addition to the above you need to record on this form the employee name, address, phone, rate of pay, DOB, SS#, W-4 information, emergency contact information, etc. File this form in the employee file in the managers office away from everyone’s view. This is private information for “manager’s eyes only”The use of this form will help you retain all the necessary information that is required by law and by what your business requires. 

Restaurant Human Resource Forms

Orientation Checklist 
This is an excellent way to let your new hires know what is expected of them while employed at your business

Topics that are discussed are:

  • Introduction and Information: Restaurants History, Mission, Team-member  Characteristics and Success of the Restaurant
  • Dress Code Standards: Pay period, scheduling of shifts, overtime pay, pay and benefits, breaks, evaluation and wages employee rate of pay and scheduling
  • Professional Behavior:  Call-outs, tardiness, off duty behavior, parking, smoking policy and phone policy
  • Point of Sale (POS) and Timekeeping: How to use the system, swipe cards, discounts, voids, coupons, comps, manager/employee meals and clock in/out procedures
  • Sexual Harassment: Sexual Harassment in the workplace and the open door policy
  • Security: Robberies, exit doors, cash and credit card handling, safety procedures and precautions
  • OSHA and Safety Training: OSHA regulations for restaurants/bars, surface maintenance, fire safety

By signing this form the employee acknowledges that they read and understand the contents and agree to follow them 100%. File this form in the employees file in the managers office in case of an unemployment hearing or lawsuit. 

Restaurant Human Resource Forms

Absence Request Form  
This form is for employees who want to request off. Requesting off must be approved by the scheduling manager. Request off means: it is not guaranteed because the restaurant needs to be fully staffed at all times. The employee may be approved if there is enough employees scheduled to run a shift.

The request must be a valid reason:  Vacation, family emergency, court, jury duty or requesting off as a regular day off. 

Application (2 Page Document)
All businesses should always have applications on-hand for potential employees. Every employee needs to fill out a employment application prior to scheduling an interview. This filled out form will help the interviewer cross check what the candidate says during the interview verses what is written on the employment application. This is a permanent record to be filed in the employees file.  If you did not hire that person you should retain that application for one year.

Employee Write Up Form  (2 Page Document)
There are times that employees need to be documented because either they have attitude issues or performance issues. Creating a paper trail is vital in an unemployment hearing or lawsuits. The burden of proof falls on the employer to prove why the employee was documented or terminated. With-out a paper trail your case will weaken. It is also a great idea to a have witness present and for he/she to sign the documentation.

Employee Performance Review (2 Page Document)
Gauge your employees performance. It is very important to review your employees performance periodically. Setting an action plan will help correct any on-going issues that employees may be experiencing. 

Exit Interview (2 Page Document)
Before any employees separates from your business it would be a great idea to conduct an exit interview to find out why the employee is leaving. There are many reasons why employees leave their place of employment:

  • Inadequate Training
  • Uncomfortable Surroundings
  • Issues with Management
  • Rate of Pay or Benefits
  • Better Job Offer

If you can find out why employees are leaving your business, then you can correct and reduce the rotating door of employees leaving your business.

Training Feedback Form (2 Page Document)

As the employees go through the training process it will be necessary to document their training. This form will give you an opportunity to see if the employee is being trained properly and  to create an action plan to get that employee on the right path towards quality training.

Manager 360 Feedback (5 Page Document)
This form is given to your employees to grade your management staff. This form should be totally anonymous. When the owner is away the cat will play, do you wanna know if your management staff is doing the right thing for the right reasons? Give this form to trusted employees that you will know will give you the facts, no story telling. 

Interview scheduling Form 
Keep this valuable form up front when applicants enter your restaurant. Never let an applicant leave your restaurant without an interview or a scheduled interview. Remember when an applicant leaves your restaurant, they will visit your competition where they might get hired or scheduled for an immediate interview.

Restaurant Manager Performance Evaluation Form (6 Page Document)
This form is a fantastic tool in documenting your managements performance. Record areas of opportunities, then create an action plan to correct the issues with a measurable time frame to be corrected. 

Employee Reference Check Form 
Prior to making a job offer you should perform a thorough previous job reference check. Do you really know who you are hiring and how well they performed at previous job positions. Hiring employees on the fly with no job references will create a domino effect of problem employees and a rotating door of employees leaving your restaurant for various reasons. Be proactive know who you are hiring.

Suspension Notice 
It may be necessary at times to suspend employees for various reasons. Documentation is key is proving your unemployment hearing case or lawsuit. Always have witnesses available during the documentation process. The burden of proof as to why the employee is no longer employed at your business falls directly on the business owners or management.

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Human Resource Forms (30-Bundled)

Interview Scheduling Form
Employee Reference Check Form
Employee Hiring Checklist & Information
Orientation Checklist
Absence Request Form
Training Feed back Form

Kitchen Training Sign-Off
Server Training Sign-Off
Employee Performance Review
Restaurant Manager Performance Evaluation Form
Manager 360 Feedback
Exiting Employee Checklist
Exit interview
Employee Training Assurance Checklist
Manager Employee Conduct Performance Agreement Form
Cash Register shortage, damged, lost or stolen property employee employement agreement form
Employee Write Up Form
Suspension Notice
Restaurant Manager Job Description
Cook Job Position and Responsibilities
Restaurant Prep Job Description and Responsibilities
Dishwasher Job Description
Server Job Position and Responsibilities
Greeter Job Description and Responsibilities
Time Keeping System 20 Employees
Time Keeping System 30 Employees
Restaurant Scheduler 20 Employees
Restaurant Scheduler 30 Employees

Turnover Calculator Spreadsheet

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