Restaurant Kitchen Forms

Restaurant Kitchen Forms (Bundled) 38 Professional Restaurant Forms, Checklist and Quick Reference Charts

restaurant kitchen forms
This is a fantastic bargain for startup restaurants. This is equally beneficial for existing restaurants that need to establish operational standards for the restaurant kitchen area.

Restaurant kitchen forms are a great way to organize the restaurant kitchen and its employees. Workplace Wizards have bundled over 38 professional restaurant forms, checklists and quick reference charts for a low special price of $19.99. That’s $154.62 off the original price, that’s a fantastic mega deal.

Our restaurant kitchen forms were designed with you in mind, we know first-hand what works and what doesn’t work.  Being organized before and after the peak-time meal periods are crucial in creating an awesome WOW experience for every customer that walks in your restaurant’s front door.

What does implementation mean?
Place a plan into effect

How to implement these forms? 
Schedule a restaurant kitchen meeting. Go over all the forms and explain in detail how they are to be implemented and maintained.  It is important that your staff members understand and agree to these new policies and procedures. These forms will only be effective if everyone is on the same page and that the forms are executed consistently shift to shift.

Ultimately, management will be responsible for making sure that these forms, checklists and quick reference charts are done correctly and consistently. Owners, district managers, and general managers should oversee lower management to assure that they are following the proper policies and procedures on a daily basis.

Final Summary:
The restaurant kitchen forms will not work unless you want them to work. The most successful restaurants are chained restaurants, for example, (Darden Restaurants) Olive Garden, Long Horn Steak House, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, Eddies V’s and Yard House. There policies and procedures in these restaurants are non- negotiable. Management and its staff members at these types of restaurants are held to a higher standard.  Simply put, hold your managers and staff members accountable. If necessary, use employee write-ups with a working action plan to help your employees get on the right path that you have set for them. If that does not work start the documentation process to include either a warning, suspension or termination. Remember to give the employees a fighting chance to change their behavior, most of the time they were either taught to act that way or allowed to. It’s your restaurant make the changes today.

To view the restaurant kitchen forms before you purchase them here on this page click on the links below. Once you click on the link you will be taken to a page where you can view the form. You can also while you are on that page buy that form Separately.

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Restaurant Kitchen Forms (Bundled) 
38 Forms, Checklists & Quick Reference Charts

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You will receive the following Kitchen Forms, Checklists, and Quick Reference Charts: 

  • Kitchen Shift Readiness Checklist
  • Restaurant Kitchen Training Checklist
  • Kitchen Opening Checklist
  • Restaurant Kitchen Closing Checklist 
  • Restaurant Kitchen Side work Chart  
  • Restaurant Kitchen Stocking PAR Sheet
  • Food Safety Inspection Form
  • Meat Slicer Cleaning Procedure Chart
  • Pre Shift Alley Rally Form Version A
  • Pre Shift Alley Rally Form Version B
  • Restaurant Store Transfer Form
  • Restaurant Cooking and Cooling Log
  • Restaurant Training Feedback Form
  • Restaurant Prep Sheet
  • Restaurant Pull Thaw Sheet
  • Restaurant Produce Order Sheet
  • Restaurant Salad Prep Sheet
  • Food Waste Sheet
  • Restaurant Daily Line Up Form
  • Restaurant Cook Quiz and Answer Key Version 1
  • Restaurant Cook Quiz and Answer Key Version 2
  • Restaurant Cook Job Description
  • Restaurant Prep Cook Job Description
  • Restaurant Dishwasher Job Description
  • Restaurant Food Order Form
  • Restaurant Food Temperature Log
  • Restaurant Kitchen Inspection Form
  • Restaurant Cutting Board Color Coding Chart
  • Restaurant Date Dot Chart
  • Restaurant General Cleaning Form
  • Restaurant Monthly Cleaning Form
  • Restaurant Menu Recipe Quick Reference Guide
  • Restaurant Hand-Washing Chart
  • Restaurant Temperature Danger Zone Chart


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