Restaurant Kitchen Stocking PAR Sheet

Restaurant Kitchen Stocking PAR Sheet

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The proper use of the Restaurant Kitchen Stocking PAR Sheet will diffidently reduce food spoilage and waste if used consistently.  Have you ever ran out of product in the middle of the meal period? Anyone who has worked in the restaurant business will tell you that having to restock during the middle of a meal period will create long check times.

Why will this cause long check times?  Think about it your cooks are in the zone, meaning they are very focused on selling checks to your customers. By running out of product someone needs to restock the line, which causes cooks to became unfocused and than the guest check times go over the standard check times.

If the cooks blindly stock the kitchen then most likely you will have spoilage.  The cooks need to date dot each product, see the example below. By using date dots will reduce spoilage and waste.  Also the cooks need to rotate product as they are being stocked, first in, first out (FIFO).  The manager during their walk-through need to verify that the kitchen stocking PAR sheet was done per shift or meal period. The manager also needs to verify the use of date dots and proper rotation. It maybe would be a great idea to check the temperatures of all refrigerated / freezer walk-ins and reach-ins. Refrigerator temperatures are: (40°F) or below and the freezer (-0°F to -5°F).

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Restaurant Kitchen Stocking PAR Sheet

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