Restaurant Opening Kitchen Checklist

The Restaurant Opening Kitchen Checklist

Why use the restaurant opening kitchen checklist

he restaurant opening checklist checklist great way to ensure that your restaurant kitchen is properly set up for success prior to the opening of your restaurant.  Get your cooks and managers on board with this valuable tool. There are some restaurants owners and managers that struggle to understand why it was so difficult, unorganized or chaotic first thing in the morning in the restaurant kitchen.</span
The main reason was that there were no systems put into place and employees were not held accountable. Restaurant owners and managers are the key to the restaurant’s success. Be proactive with this valuable tool and conduct the restaurant opening checklist walk-through correctly and consistently every morning. If you do this you will have less customer complaints and you will have a smoother running shift.

How to use the restaurant opening kitchen checklist?

Print out the restaurant opening checklist and give it to your opening cook first thing in the morning. The owner or manager should lead by example and do the first initial opening checklist walk-through with the morning cook. This is to ensure that the opening cook understands management’s expectations in regards to the opening of your restaurant.


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Restaurant Opening Kitchen Checklist

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restaurant opening kitchen checklist
restaurant opening kitchen checklists