Restaurant Phone Consultation

Restaurant Phone Consultation

The first call FREE!

restaurant phone consultation

Restaurant Phone Consultation can be a scheduled call, you actually communicate with a real live person. This is why we want it scheduled. Your concerns are important to us so we want you to have the time to talk confidentially with our professional restaurant consulting staff. Our phone consultations are available for anyone. We offer phone consultations by appointment where you can voice your concerns about your restaurant.

Things we can discuss can include:

  • Why you are losing money (if applicable)
  • Why you are having issues with staff or management.

Even if things are working well, but you want to expand or make changes, we can help you with that.

 Some examples of areas we can discuss:

  • Workplace training – Management & Staff
  • Employee morale
  • Employee attitudes
  • Below average performance
  • Turnover
  • Customer service
  • Preparation of foods
  • Presentation of foods
  • Food cost controls
  • Labor cost controls
  • Systems, Policies and Procedures – 
  • Restaurant Forms and Checklist (We can customize)
  • Other concerns

Restaurant Phone Consultation

We will do a free phone consultation so we can get to know you better. We’ll discuss how your business is going and what you need. Just submit your information below and we’ll contact you to set up the best time for a call.

Call us at: (800) 753-0657 or  (717) 774-3698 or contact us at

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