Restaurant Pre Shift Alley Rally

Restaurant Alley Rally Form

restaurant pre shift alley rally form

There are two versions of the Restaurant Pre-Shift Alley Rally Form.  

Both Restaurant Alley Rally forms are great tools to help your restaurant run smoother. Less issues.

Use this Restaurant Pre-Shift Alley Rally as a motivational tool for your team. This gives information to the staff members about any menu changes, up-selling ideas, and featured menu items for that shift. Always be positive and upbeat during the Restaurant Pre Shift Alley Rally . There are ideas for providing incentives for positive employee performance. You may also record the scheduled employees for the shift.

When used properly and consistently, the Restaurant Pre Shift Alley Rally will provide stability to the shift.

Have the AM manager fill out the employee line up part of the restaurant alley rally for both shifts. The PM manager as he or she arrives to work fills out the rest of the form. Think of this form as a game plan, you are setting your shift up for a successful shift.

The purpose of the Restaurant Pre-Shift Alley Rally Form is to create excitement among the employees and to organize the shift prior to any meal period. Basically you are creating a fun environment  for the staff members and at the same time communicating to your employees your game plan for that particular shift.

Have fun with the employees. Games are a great way to help boost sales and will Encourage, Productivity, Teamwork and Morale.

Here are some great incentive games:

  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Run a Raffle
  • Do-It-Yourself Goals
  • Penny for Your Sales
  • The Floating $10 Bill
  • Sales Bingo
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • The Hidden Incentive
  • Hang man

The other purpose of the restaurant alley rally form,  it acts a daily line up.  Enter the employees name and the shift that they are working. At a glance you will know who works when.

I want you to think about something, what if you don’t use the restaurant alley rally form what may happen?

  • A boring shift
  • A disorganized shift
  • No sales incentives to drive sales
  • Low employee morale
  • No communication
  • Employee uniforms maybe below your standards
  • What are the specials for the shift?

You get the picture.  The key is to consistently use this form on every shift and most of all the Restaurant Pre-Shift Alley Rally needs to be positive, never ever introduce negativity to the alley rally it will only bring people down.

Words to the wise

  • Stick to one or two topics.
  • Do not lecture your employees teach them.
  • You don’t have a lot of time make it short and sweet.
  • 80% rule: The manager should talk 20% and the employees should talk the remainder of the time. A good example is that you can ask open ended questions such as what are the servers steps of service?

Two Versions – Your Choice!

Restaurant Alley Rally Form

Version 1

restaurant alley rally form

restaurant alley rally form


Restaurant Alley Rally Form

Version 2

restaurant alley rally form

restaurant alley rally form


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