Restaurant Prep Job Description

Restaurant Prep Job Description

The restaurant prep job description form is a 5 page document.

The restaurant prep job description will guide your prep cooks in understanding what is required from them.  It describes in depth the prep cooks job description and responsibilities.
In a sense, it is a fantastic training tool if used consistently and properly daily.

During the interview process, prior to hiring the individual, have the potential prep cook read and sign the restaurant prep job description. Only give the description to the candidate if you are serious about hiring that person. When the individual signs the form it is a commitment to following the information shown on the restaurant prep job description. Once the form is signed, then you may continue with the hiring process. It is a great accountability tool.

What is discussed in the restaurant prep job description?

House Rules:

  • Uniform requirements
  • Hygiene
  • Behavior
  • Basic Job Description
  • General attendance policies
  • Customer service
  • Greeting the door
  • Greeting verbiage
  • Prep cooks responsibilities
  • Setting up the prep from before starting any task for the day
  • Prep Sheet
  • Pull thaw sheet
  • How to weigh out products using a scale
  • Time and temperature
  • Temperature danger zone
  • Sanitation procedure
  • Hand washing procedures
  • Color coded cutting boards
  • Daily Cleaning task
  • Date dot procedures
  • Rotation First in, first out (FIFO)
  • Cross contamination
  • Glove use
  • What needs done prior to leaving for the day or night

 what a great form, basically this is a training tool that will create a great team member. Like any other system, your management needs to guide all employees in following through on all job descriptions and responsibilities. 
The restaurant prep job description form will be effective if management observes all employees during each shift. Managers need to give direction and then follow up on that direction.

Employees need to be held accountable when they do not follow the policies and procedures outlined in any job descriptions and responsibilities. Be consistent with all employees. Be fair to all employees. Employees generally want to do the right thing. It is all about management, accountability and follows through on the commitment that will make a huge impact in your restaurant. Another big factor in employee retention is the environment that your employees are exposed to.

Here are some basic rules in creating a great restaurant environment that your employees will love:

  • Management needs to be consistent and fair to all employees
  • Management needs to work hands on with employees to gain their respect
  • Management needs to speak to all employees respectfully and calmly, especially when correcting employees
  • No favoritism
  • Praise employees in-front of their peers creates positive morale
  • Great running shifts – chaotic and unorganized shifts will create a negative environment. Employees may seek employment elsewhere.
  • Run contest and incentives

You need to have fun while working as long as it does not slow you down or affect your performance. Management needs to promote this daily.

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Restaurant Prep Job Description

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Restaurant Prep Job Description

Restaurant Prep Job Description
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Restaurant Prep Job Description
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