Restaurant Prime Cost Spreadsheet

Restaurant Prime Cost Spreadsheet

Do you know your restaurant numbers?  Do you know what the numbers represent?  Most restaurant owners and managers fall into the category between not knowing and barely knowing.

What do the numbers mean?

  • Food and Labor Cost and Percentages
  • Prime Cost and Percentages

In order to maintain a healthy bottom line you need to control food and labor, why?

restaurant prime cost spreadsheetFood and Labor are the two largest chunks of the restaurant financial pie. Prime cost generally should be between 60- 65%.   Various other restaurants, chain operators are able to keep their prime cost 60% or less, but for most table service independents, achieving a prime cost of 60% to 65% of sales still provides the opportunity to achieve a healthy net income provided a restaurant has a fairly normal cost- and-expense structure in the other areas of their P&L.
The gross profit margin is a financial measure used to determine the financial health of a company. It shows the portion of funds remaining after taking out the monetary value of goods sold from the revenue figures. The higher the gross profit margin percentage, the more funds are available to reinvest, save and/or pay expenses


To calculate the gross profit margin you will need the revenue and cost of goods sold figures from a company. The gross profit margin is simply the revenue minus the cost of goods sold. This figure is then divided by the revenue and multiplied by 100 to come up with a final percentage.

This spreadsheet is a weekly prime cost spreadsheet. As an added feature, there is a month to date M.T.D at a Glance Sheet. This particular spreadsheet is fully protected and contains formulas. The numbers on this sheet populate from other various pages.

The restaurant prime cost spreadsheet is a great tool if used consistently and correctly.

Knowing and reacting to your numbers will dramatically increase your bottom line as long as you consistently monitor food and labor percentages.

Restaurant Prime Cost Spreadsheet


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restaurant prime cost spreadsheet

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