Restaurant Server Cash Checkout Form

Restaurant Server Cash Checkout Form

restaurant server cash checkout form
The Restaurant Server Cash Checkout Form 
is vital for employee cash accountability.  Use this form when your server or cashier is done with their shift. Simply print out the form and cut out the 4 worksheets, then print out their close out summery report. Enter the pertinent information,  once entered you will be able to collect the right amount of cash owed to the restaurant or bar. If you are collecting money from a cashier you will also know if they or over or short.

Attach all completed restaurant server cash checkout forms to the end of the shift paperwork.  Accountability is the key in holding your employees liable for overages and shortages.

If the employee is constantly over or short cash, then you can use these forms as legal documents in case of suspension or termination.  As a rule of thumb it is highly suggested that every time an employee is over or short a considerable amount of money that you fill out an employee corrective action form with an attainable action plan.  Having both the server cash checkout form and the employee corrective action plan is vital in case of an unemployment hearing of law suit. The burden of proof is on the employer to prove why the employee is no longer employed at your restaurant or bar. Not having documentation will strengthen the employee’s case not yours.

An employee that is over money is just as bad as a shortage. There are times that the overage can be simple mistake due to the employee not counting the correct cash back to the customer. In the case the employee needs to be retrained in how to handle cash.  In some instances the overage can be due to employee theft.  Example, the employee worked off on open cash register drawer without ringing in the sales.  Often the employee will accumulate the cash that was not rung into the register. Just before the end of their shift, they will attempt to skim the cash from the register to their pockets. It is highly advised to use a cash register audit form to prevent or catch the thief.

Cash Register Audit Form

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