Restaurant Server Job Description

The Restaurant Server Job Description

The restaurant server job description form help the employees understand what is expected from the server position.  Accountability also is a factor in making sure that the employee is consistently and correctly executing the task assigned to them and actually abiding by the rules you outlined in the description.

When the server signs the Restaurant Server Job Description they acknowledge that they understand and will follow what is outlined in the description. This serves as a paper trail in case they employee breaks your policies.

The burden of proof falls on the restaurant to prove their case in a court of law or during an unemployment hearing. If for some reason the employee is terminated or quits their job at the restaurant they may file a unemployment case against your restaurant. By keeping a paper trail it will definitely help your case against the employee as long as the write up has a just cause for the separation.

Other great forms are:

Employee Performance Review Form

Frequently do a performance review on all of your employees.  This form will help you strengthen the areas of opportunities as long as you write out an action plan with a time frame of when you would like the employee to correct themselves. This form can also act as a paper trail.

Employee Write Up Form

Employees who violate your procedures and policies should be documented employee write up form.

How to properly document an employees behavior?

  • Verbal Warning –  depending on the violation and if the employee has not been documented before then a verbal warning may be  the best route.
  • Written Warning – Before making judgment on an employees behavior especially if you are going to terminate them always give them a fair shake. Utilize the 1-2-3 rule, after 3 write ups for the same violation then it would be termination.

Always write out an action plan and a time line of when you would like the employee to correct themselves. If the employee was let go due to theft of drug/alcohol use then it may be justified depending on extent of the violation. Be advised that drug / alcohol rehabilitation maybe required as a condition of employment depending if the addiction is covered under American Disability Act (ADA).

Federal Guidelines Drug/Alcohol use in the workplace

Reasons why employees have issues or attitudes with their performance

  • The employee may not have been trained properly or may be not at all.  You can not hold an employee accountable if they do not know what is expected of them.
  • The manager does not hold the employee accountable. This is refereed to as the silent approval. In the employees eyes they are only doing what they think management expects them to do. In this scenario management is at fault.
  • The domino effect: The employee may have been on the right track from the beginning,  although they were exposed to other employees who are labeled as  bad apples. Management allowed the bad apples to survive among other employees.  The bad apple should have been plucked and removed from the equation. The write up from could very well help turn the bad apple into a productive employee.

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Restaurant Server Job Description Form

restaurant server job description

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Restaurant Server Job Description Form

Restaurant Server Job Description

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