Restaurant Server Table Rotation Form

Restaurant Server Table Rotation Form

The Restaurant Server Table Rotation Form is an excellent organizational tool. 

Are servers complaining that they are being skipped when customers are being seated in the dining room?

Are the servers being double seated which is causing the servers to be overwhelmed? 

Servers that are overwhelmed may provide bad customer service to their customers because they are unable to keep up with both their side work assignments and the amount of tables that they are serving. 
Typically most restaurant will only assign 4 table sections to each server. Seasoned servers may be able to handle more then four tables. Servers that are in a four table section will provide better customer service to their guest.

Servers are known to complain that a four section will decrease their tips. In reality as long as they are providing WOW customer service to their customers and they are able to turn the tables quickly they will make better tips.

A server has many responsibility’s during the shift:

  • Greeting the door and seating the guest.
  • Answering the restaurant telephone.
  • Takeout orders.
  • Approaching the guest and completing the order.
  • Entering the entire order into the POS System.
  • Delivering the drinks, appetizers,entree’s and desserts to the guest with-in a specific time frame.
  • Drink refills.
  • Pre-busing both in their section and out of their section (teamwork).
  • Delivering sides and condiments when asked by the customer.
  • Helping delivering other servers drinks, appetizers, entree’s and desserts  to the customers (teamwork).
  • Dealing with customer complaints.
  • Keeping up with their assigned side work throughout the entire shift.
  • Cashing the customers out.

As you can see from the list of servers responsibilities above,  the servers are very busy. If the servers are assigned more tables then they can handle, it will affect guest service resulting in repeat business going out the window.

The restaurant server table rotation form is a must have form for your business.

Restaurant Server Table Rotation Form

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restaurant server table rotation form