Restaurant Wait Seating Chart

Restaurant Wait Seating Chart


The restaurant wait seating chart is a great tool.  They can track and quote wait time to guests who are waiting for a table. It is an excellent resource for a busy restaurant.

As the customers arrive to your establishment have your greeter staff welcome the guest with a warm and friendly smile. The greeter should anticipate how many guest need to be seated.  Simply say “Welcome to our restaurant will there be four in your party today and will you need a high chair”.  Be proactive, do not just wait for the guest to enter the restaurant open the door as they arrive and have a set number of menu’s ready.

A really great idea, when the restaurant is full and you need to use the wait chart, go to the manager or chef and ask them for a samples of a specific food item to give to the guest as they wait for a open table. This also will be a great time to promote a certain dinner feature or the suggestive selling of your menu.

How to use this sheet:

  • Enter the names of the guests onto this form.
  • Enter how many guest on to this form.
  • Enter the time they arrived at the restaurant.
  • Enter the quote time onto this sheet.  It is best to quote the time in 5 minute increments.  5-10 min, 10-15 min, 15-20 min. Leave a five minute window. The guest will hold you to your word on the quote times. Leaving a five minute window will give you the extra time to seat the guest with-in the time quoted.

The manager should always keep a real[y good supply of this form at the greeter station. Always have a master copy of this sheet in the managers office.

Restaurant Wait Seating Chart

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restaurant wait seating chart


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