Restroom Cleaning Checklist

Restroom Cleaning Checklist

restroom cleaning checklist

Post the restroom cleaning checklist or toilet cleaning form on the back of each restroom door. Employees should check the restrooms regularly (on the hour). The employee would sign off the restroom cleaning checklist after it was thoroughly cleaned and stocked.

What is the customer’s eye?

Sit down in the restaurant and look around to view the restaurant from the customer’s eyes. Eliminate all eye sores. Observe how the staff interact with each other. Walk into the restroom and view it as if you were walking in as a customer. From the minute the guests enter your parking lot they see and hear everything. The first impression begins when they are properly greeted at the doorway.

A clean restaurant will increase your chances of repeat business. Believe it not, the guest will form some sort of an opinion of your restaurant when they first walk into your establishment.

Make sure you eliminate any eye sores that your guest might see. The restrooms are a huge area of opportunity. If the bathroom is clean and stocked, then in the guest’s mind he or she is going to assume that the rest of the restaurant is clean and organized. Especially if you have a restroom checklist on the back of both restrooms doors.

Print out the toilet cleaning checklist,  then laminate them. Train management, greeters and the dish washers to inspect the restrooms hourly. The restrooms need to be the cleanest area in the restaurant and then the kitchen should be equally clean and sanitary. Post the hand washing chart on the back of both restrooms doors.

Management should on the hour, inspect both restaurants for cleanliness and to ensure everything is stocked such as:

  • Paper Towels
  • Toilet Paper
  • Female Sanitation Napkins
  • Hand Sanitation
  • Hand Soap
  • Empty Trash Cans
  • Baby Wipes

Why is the weekly cleaning of your restaurant important?
The customer will see that your restaurant is clean and organized.

As long as you have great customer service and great tasting food along with a clean and organized restaurant,  repeat business will follow.

Other great resources are the Weekly and Monthly Cleaning Charts.

Restroom Cleaning Checklist

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restroom checklist

Toilet Cleaning  Form

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