Server Action Plan

Server Action Plan

The Server Action Plan form is a great way to set up a plan to improve your waiters and waitresses performance. With clear goals that the restaurant server can reach, each improvement will help improve your restaurant’s service.  The owner and managers must follow through with the plan. This server action plan will help the employee grow in knowledge, customer service skill and overall performance.server action form

Break it down

Visualize a whole pie. Then name each slice of the pie an area of the restaurant server’s performance. Fix one slice of the pie at a time. Attempting to fix things all at one time can be overwhelming. Create a server action plan with measurable and attainable results. Go over the action plan with other managers to fine-tune the contents. During the conversation with the employee make sure you focus on strengths and not just what needs improvement. Tell the employee that you value and appreciate them.  Look the employee straight in the eye and say that you believe in them.

Keep it Positive

When discussing the areas of opportunities with the employee, keep it positive. Think of a positive outcome for each area of opportunity and apply it to the conversation with that employee. Be more positive than negative. Boost employee productivity and proficiency by patting the employees on the back and telling them they did a great job.

Hold the Person Accountable

Hold the employee accountable when the goals are not met. Communicate to the other managers and supervisors that this particular server needs to work on the server action plan goals in order to correct the issues. Everyone needs to be working together in order for this process to work according to plan. Never give up, but extend the time frame if the waiter or waitress needs more time.

If the server has not changed and the server action plan was not effective, then you might want to think about reassigning the employee to a different job position. Make sure that the employee is working toward success.  It could be that you need to adjust the goal. When the person is not making an effort to improve based on the server action plan, an employee write-up may be necessary to document the employee’s poor work performance and non-compliance.

Make Decisions

You need to decide if you are going to continue to employ an individual who is not willing to change. Make sure that you have plenty of documentation on hand before you either suspend or terminate the employee. This is very important in case of an unemployment hearing or lawsuit.  The burden of proof falls on the employer in most cases. Without documentation, it is difficult to prove why the employee was terminated.

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Server Action Plan

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