Server Closing Checklist

Restaurant Server Closing Checklist

Do your morning servers come in and complain about all the things the closing servers left for them? Then they don’t leave the restaurant as they should for the evening servers. so the evening servers complain about the morning and don’t close the service aisle as they should. then the morning servers complain. You get the picture. Why not just use the restaurant server closing checklist to make sure the work is being done each night? Pair this with the Server Side work chart and you’ll keep your service staff in line to provide top-notch service. Use the restaurant server closing checklist for the Service Aisle and Dining Room closing tasks. This is great to make sure everything is complete and ready for the morning. The restaurant closing Server verifies that the other servers have all completed their side work and closed down their sections properly. At the end of the night, the Manager confirms that all the tasks on the Restaurant Closing Server Checklist are completed.


Have you ever opened the restaurant and found that the previous nights closing was not done to your standards? How does customer service affect a bad close? If the restaurant was not closed down properly it will affect customer service. The employees will be playing catch up all throughout the day instead of taking care of your customers.

Hold your employees accountable, utilize the server closing checklist to ensure the restaurant is completely set up for the next shift. Managers needs to be proactive and conduct a pre-closing walk through, then alert the closing server of any discrepancies. You need to set the expectations so the closer’s understand what is expected from them.  Set the example and work with your employees hands on – show them the proper way to close the restaurant down.

Restaurant Server Closing Checklist

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Server Closing Checklist

restaurant server closing checklist


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