The Manager’s Walk-through and Figure Eight

The Manager’s Walk-through and Figure Eight Training Manual is a PDF document and is available for immediately download – 67 page document. 

The managers walking path starts from the minute they step on to the restaurant/bar property until they are done for the day/night. Management should be trained in how to set up a shift prior to any peak time period or shift. This is a curtail step towards tighten up any eyesores, policies, procedures or customer/employee related issues prior to opening the restaurant and during the shifts while the restaurant is open for business.

The Manager’s Walk-through and Figure Eight of your restaurant will only work if the manager uses this manual as a guide in setting the restaurant up for success. The management team must be fully dedicated to doing proper walk-through’s. Owners/District Managers should monitor management to ensure the walk-through’s are completed on time consistently from shift to shift.

The Walk-through Check off form should be signed and filed at the completion of each walk-through. Owners/General Managers/District managers can do unannounced visit to see if the walk-through is being done correctly and consistently by viewing the signed copy of the walk-through form during that particular shift.

Some managers, not all managers fudge the information by pencil whipping the form. This practice will cause the restaurant to operate below standards. The purpose of the walk-through is to correct and eyesores, policies, procedures or violations before they become an issue. This method of prevention is called Being Proactive.

The Managers Walking Path Starts Here:

the managers walk-through and figure eights

For the first initial walk-through inspection the manager will correct any eyesores, policy, procedures or violations. As the managers observe the issues either they correct it on the spot or delegate it out to other staff members to quickly fix. This first process could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete and should be done before any meal period.

It is better to have a manager/supervisor arrive early to work to correctly do the walk-through. You might be thinking that a manager coming into work early to perform a walk-through inspection is too costly, think again. Having customer complaints and dwindling customer counts will cost you a whole lot more. Do this inspection to prepare the shift for success and repeat business will follow.

Once management has completed the first walk-through prior to each meal period, then every other walk-through will be easy to keep up with as long as you get it in shape from the beginning. Maintain every area in the restaurant by delegating side work for both the front of the house and the back of the house. The Manager continues to walk the figure 8 path all throughout the shift. The manager’s responsibility is to monitor all areas and of the restaurant. Walking the Figure Eights will help maintain that balance.


The Manager’s Walk-through and Figure Eight:

A Guide to Restaurant Management

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67 Page Document (PDF Version)

the manager's walk-through and figure eight


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