Restaurant Cook Performance Review

Restaurant Cook Performance Review

Use Restaurant Cook Performance review to test your kitchen cooks knowledge and skills. it is imperative that cooks possess the necessary knowledge and skills to properly and safely server your guest.

  • Do your cooks know all the meat temperatures? 
  • Do they know what the Temperature Danger Zone is and why it is so important for food safety?
  • Do they know what the proper steak temperatures are?
  • What is Cross contamination? Why is it so important to your guest?
  • Do they know what is PPM?
  • What about the Proper Sanitation water PPM?
  • Do your cooks know how to properly wash their hands?  What about when should they wash their hands?

The other part of the Restaurant Cook Performance Review is performance, policies and procedure knowledge. Attitudes, attendance, proficiency are key factors that make up a a well trained cook that will definitely raise the bars in your restaurant.

Print out the Restaurant Cook Performance Review and test and evaluate your cooks. 

 Restaurant Cook Performance Review


 Restaurant Cook Performance Review

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