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alcohol inventoryDoes your restaurant conduct alcohol inventory on a regular basis? If not, you may want to rethink on doing frequent alcohol inventories.  Why? First of all, you will always show a shortage in inventory within your restaurant or bar.  It’s about how much inventory you will be out of. Acceptable shortage alcohol percentages are as follows.

Examples are below. (National average)

  • Liquor – 18% to 20% of liquor sales
  • Bottled beer – 24% to 28% of bottled beer sales
  • Draft beer – 15% to 18% of draft beer sales
  • Wine – 35% to 45% of wine sales
  • Bar consumables – 4% to 5% of liquor sales

If your restaurant or bar falls into these percent’s for each type of alcohol, then good for you and your restaurant.

It is very easy and within a short amount of time to be out of a considerable amount of inventory, hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars. Especially, if you have individual’s stealing from your restaurant or bar. According to the national restaurant association around 75% is directly related to theft for both food and alcohol.

You need to protect your inventory in order to survive in today’s world.  Conducting frequent inventories will allow you to analyze shortages. Once you pinpoint the issue, then you can put an action plan together to correct the problem. And if you do it right, you will see your alcohol or food cost percentage come down to a manageable percentage.

We have a solution for your inventory needs; we have created an alcohol inventory spreadsheet system. Once you receive the download from us, save it to your desktop.

The alcohol inventory spreadsheet is a master copy. Unprotect the page; enter all the product information on week 1 input sheet of the master copy. Once done, protect the sheet. Create your first year’s spreadsheet from the master copy. There is a video tutorial below. Also, there are several instructions pages in the system to explain how to create and save the system and how to use the system.

Purchase the alcohol inventory spreadsheet below

Alcohol Inventory Spreadsheet Video Tutorial

Alcohol Inventory Spreadsheet


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