Liquor Beer Wine Order Form

Alcohol Order Form

The Alcohol Order Form will help you determine the correct amount of alcohol to order.

Liquor beer wine order form

In addition, the instructions on page 2 will give more information on how to use the form.

Some restaurant owners who use guesswork to place alcohol orders. However, guesses may result in running out of product or having too much of a product. Remember, the more inventory you have on hand the more difficult it is to manage it.

A healthy level of inventory in your restaurant is easier to manage. As long as your food or alcohol percents are under control, then your bottom line will be out of the red and into the black.

Food Costs

Alcohol can be a great way to maintain a healthy food cost. However, you must manage it wisely. Some common issues can occur. Possibly bartenders are over-pouring. Also, servers sometimes give out free drinks for larger tips. This behavior really impacts your food costs. Just keeping track of what you are ordering can alert you to possible issues. Employees may not even think of it as stealing from you, but when you are aware, then you can talk to the staff.

The liquor, beer and wine order form can be customized to fit your need and budget. If you have several vendors that deliver alcohol, you can set up a sheet by the vendor so that you have the order forms ready to go to that vendor.

For a more detailed version of order forms and inventory management, check out these forms

Alcohol Order Form


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liquor beer wine order form

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