Alcohol Perpetual Inventory Form

Alcohol Perpetual Inventory Form

alcohol perpetual inventory formThe alcohol perpetual inventory form is a great way to record and analyze the inventory. Restaurant inventories are very important. There are a lot of restaurants that do not conduct inventories. Conducting inventories help pinpoint missing products. There are 2 areas to pay attention to, they are food and labor. Both, if you are not watching them will affect your bottom line in a huge way and quite possibly put you out of business fast.

Once you determine your inventory issues or what has gone missing, then you can perform a perpetual inventory.

What is an alcohol perpetual inventory form?

 It is ideal for tracking key food items and alcohol in your restaurant.

How to perform an alcohol perpetual inventory?

Once you identify missing products in your restaurant, conduct an alcohol perpetual inventory.

Begin by creating a list of the top 5 or 10 items you want to track. Before you begin the counts determine the shifts you want to inventory. Always start the beginning counts before the employees arrive to work. Record your counts on to the alcohol perpetual inventory form. At the end of the inventoried shift conduct the ending counts and enter those figures on to the alcohol perpetual inventory form.

Subtract the beginning numbers from the ending numbers, the difference will be what has gone missing.

Go to your POS register and create a summary report, match the number of items sold to the figures on the alcohol perpetual inventory form. If there is a direct match, then you are not missing any product. However, if they do not match, then go to your waste sheet and see if the missing items are on it. If not, then the items went missing between the beginning and ending counts indicating theft.

Create a list of potential suspects using the schedule. Look for employees that are working during those counts, are there common denominators? Meaning is there a particular employee who worked all the inventoried shifts when the product went missing. If so, it is safe to say you have found your issue or suspect.

You can not accuse employees of theft without proof, such as a video of the theft or a witness of the theft. You can’t physically pat or search employees. What you can do is create a bag searching policy, it is either all or none when you conduct bag searches.

You can’t reach into anyone’s bag and search it. The employee of that particular bag is the only one who can empty the bag to be searched. If you find that theft has occurred, then call the police. Don’t touch the employee during this entire process. It is best to have a witness present, so that things don’t get twisted.

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Alcohol Perpetual Inventory Form


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