Alcohol Server Education

alcohol server education

Alcohol Server Education

Educating your servers and staff in how to prevent or reduce underage drinking, customer intoxication and possible lawsuits.

  1. Your restaurant staff, especially managers and servers need workplace training in how to detect false identification.
  2. What are the accepted forms of ID?: For instance the only acceptable forms of ID are a valid photo driver’s license or state ID card, a valid photo armed forces ID, and a valid photo passport or travel visa. Check your state requirements on Valid Identification.
  3. In Pennsylvania you must ID someone if they look 30 years or younger. Check your state requirements for age ID requirements.
  4. How to detect customer intoxication and how to deal with them professionally.
  5. Legal consequences.
  6. The server and manager can be held legally responsible if underage drinking, ID checking and customer intoxication occurs. If the customer leaves the restaurant or bar intoxicated and causes an auto accident and is injured or dies the server and manager at that particular restaurant or bar may be held responsible. Fines, imprisonment or the closure of the restaurant may occur.

These courses will dramatically reduce alcohol related issues in your restaurant or bar. Protect your assets and certify anyone, including management and the servicing staff in responsible alcohol serving.

Check your state requirements in alcohol serving education and who needs to be certified to serve alcohol in your restaurant or bar.

Click on the interactive map below to find your state requirements on Alcohol Server Education, Courses and Cost.

Alcohol Server Education

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