Restaurant Consulting in Pennsylvania

Restaurant Consulting in Pennsylvania

Workplace Wizards Restaurant Consulting in Pennsylvania serves all 50 states and Canada.

What is Restaurant Consulting?

When you need to pinpoint issues within the restaurant, then you should hire a Restaurant Consultant. Even better, restaurant consulting with a functional restaurant brings even more success.

Workplace Wizards Restaurant Consulting in Pennsylvania offers areas of opportunity, advice, restaurant training and more. Ideally, this includes the restaurant managers and employees to support improvement in all areas of the restaurant.

Why use Restaurant Consulting?

If you presently have issues with low restaurant revenue start your change now. If training issues or a lack of knowledge hold you back then gain insight to maximize profits. Then, call us today for your free restaurant consultation. Talk to a professional who knows what works and what does not work.

Restaurant forms are a great way to organize your restaurant towards greater profits and customer consulting in pennsylvania

What does a restaurant consulting company do?

Primarily, restaurant consulting companies offer valuable insight into your restaurant operations. They locate areas of opportunity’s and provide valuable solutions. Restaurant consultants assist restaurant owners and managers, hands-on in order to maximize the effects towards a healthy bottom line.

What happens when you contact restaurant consulting in Pennsylvania?

First, the consultant talks to the owners and managers to gain insight into the current status. Second, they conduct an operational assessment of the restaurant. They look for strengths, key needs, and areas of opportunity. An assessment takes 2 to 4 hours to complete and maybe more, depending on the restaurant.

Once, the audit is complete, then the restaurant consultant will sit down with the restaurant owners and the managers. They will go over the complete audit with them. The consultant, restaurant owner and managers create a detailed list of the issues that need attention and what the restaurant has to build upon. They will create the list by pinpointing the greatest opportunities and assets.

The Big Restaurant Pie

To begin, draw a pie with twelve slices. Name each slice with keys needs to achieve success. Remember, only name the most important slices. Some examples include food cost, labor costs and training.

When this process is complete, conduct a manager meeting to include the owners, supervisors and trainers. During this meeting, you will need to create a list of the steps to improve all 12 slices. Next, focus on one slice at a time. Once the slice is on its way towards success, then move on to the next slice and so on.

Certainly, place no time limit on how long it takes to correct each slice. Assign each manager, owner, supervisor and trainers a task per slice. Set a time limit. Always maintain clear expectations and hold everyone responsible to achieve the goals.

Stay Focused to Maximize your Potential

Remember the restaurant can change for the better, but everyone needs to care about success. Each person needs to welcome changes. The restaurant consultant can create the list for you, and assist hands-on if needed. However, real success depends on your focused participation.

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Restaurant Consulting in Pennsylvania serves all 50 states and around the world. For more information on Restaurant Consulting in Pennsylvania go to explore our site or contact us today at 1-800-753-0657 or via email at

Restaurant Consultation Company

What can a restaurant consultation company do for your restaurant?

There are many proud restaurant owners and managers who will not admit that they need help with their restaurants. In-fact most of these owners and managers are too close to the situation to recognize the issues that could be happening in their restaurants. A live person with a fresh set of eyes not affiliated with the restaurant will see things more clearly than someone connected to the restaurant.

How to survive and thrive in today’s economy

90% of restaurants go out of business the first twelve months, while 10% actually survive. These are true hard facts that you cannot afford to put on the back burner. You have invested thousands of dollars to create your dream either by utilizing your personal funds or by getting a loan.

restaurant consultation company

Can you afford cash in the trash?

That’s exactly what will take place if you fail in running a tight restaurant. In today’s times you need to be better than the guy next door. Years ago, the competition was not as fiercest as it is today. That is exactly why that you as a restaurant owner or manager must produce a functional restaurant that survives and thrive in today’s world.

I and my wife recently ate out at a new restaurant located in our home town. I am a restaurant consultant and I have worked in restaurant management for many years. It is really comfortable for me to point out critical events with my restaurant service. In-fact, every time I eat out at a restaurant I always manage to find issues that are connected to the service or preparation. Anyhow, as we got into the new restaurant in our hometown, we were greeted by a pleasant employee with a sincere warm friendly smile. The restaurant was empty mainly because it was after 8 PM.

We went through a number of service issues that are more common in restaurants than you would imagine:

  1. The server approached us and immediately asked us what we wanted to drink; she never introduced herself or suggested an appetizer or the nightly dinner special. The server returned to the table with our drinks and sat them onto the table; the server delivered the drinks by grasping the rim of the glass instead of the base of the glass. She contaminated the rim; this is where we drink from.
  2. We all ordered the dinner special New York Strip Steak. We even ordered an appetizer. My wife ordered a side salad. We watched as the server prepared the salad; the server used her bare hands to prepare the salad. I could not help to notice that there were tongs available in each of the metal inserts. Our server was not the only server that possesses the bad habit of preparing salads I witnessed all the servers were doing the exact same thing. I could not find a manager available to complain to, so I spoke to the greeter who seemed concerned about our issues. Later on the greeter spoke to the server about her unsanitary practices. The hostess returned to me to say the new salad will be prepared correctly. The greeter also told us the server could not find tongs and that is why she used her bare hands. The only problem I had with that is that I saw serving tongs in each of the metal inserts. That server was not being honest which leads me to believe that she lacks integrity.
  3. Over 1 hour later we finally received our entrees; just before the entrees reached our table the server dropped the tray containing out entrees onto the floor. The server was able to save two of the dishes the third dish had to be re-made. I ordered a steak medium done: the server delivered the steak well done. At this point most people would leave the restaurant; I decided to ask for a manager. I approached a gentleman that was wearing shorts, flippers and a tee shirt and believe it or not he was the manager. I explained to him about the service we received from the restaurant, he did not seem sincere. What he stated was he will remake the steak.

After receiving the check I went to the register to pay my bill and we needed to split the check; the server did not know how to split the check and so I showed her how to split the check.

It was obvious that the restaurant has serious matters with service, sanitation and training procedures. There was no manager presence in the restaurant and no manager table visits. Clearly the manager was not dressed to play the role of a restaurant manager nor was the manager trained in service recovery.

A Restaurant Consultation Company may be the answer to all of your problems. Let a Restaurant Consultation Company evaluate your restaurant to determine what actions are needed to move you forward.

Other factors that will hurt your restaurant’s future and your bottom line:

  • Customers are not greeted timely at the door.
  • Servers not trained in the six steps of service.
  • Long check times.
  • Substandard quality of food and presentation.
  • Hot food served cold and cold food served warm.
  • No manager presence in the dining room, especially during peak times.
  • No manager table visits.
  • Managers not trained in food and labor awareness.
  • Managers and staff not trained in proper customer service
  • Managers not trained in how to handle customer complaints.
  • Food and labor percentages are above the national norms.
  • Etc.

A Restaurant Consultation Company can help your restaurant move forward towards a health bottom line.

Are you experiencing any of the above issues in your restaurant? Are you losing sleep because of those events? Are you trying to correct the issues in your restaurant and it seems whatever you do it does not work? It can be aggravating or frustrating not being able to go forward in correcting your issues. You could try to fix the issues yourself, it could take months or years to make an impact or the issues may continue without remedy.

You will lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars if your restaurant fails. The longer you wait to resolve the issues the more revenue you will lose. Doesn’t it make sense to ask for help? By asking for help, you will lose less revenue and gain a functional restaurant.

Workplace Wizards are a Restaurant Consultation Company with years of experience in the restaurant industry, specifically corporate restaurants where systems are proven to work.

Call us at: (800) 753-0657 Local at: (717) 774-3698 to receive your FREE 30 minute restaurant consultation.

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We provide many resources to help jump start your restaurant towards financial freedom:

We can customize any of our services especially our forms and spreadsheets to suit your unique needs and budget.

If you have a specific idea for a form or spreadsheet that you would like us to create from scratch call us today.

Forms for Restaurants

Forms for Restaurants – How to beat your competition

Beat the Competition

We know as restaurant owners, managers and employees we also eat out occasionally. I don’t know about you, but many of us quickly start to critique the service that we receive from those restaurants.  As we are sitting waiting for our food to arrive at our table, even while involved in a conversation with those at our table, we also tend to notice what is happening. We do it naturally because we love the restaurant world. It’s in our blood… We observe the surroundings looking for employee interaction with customers, service standards, cleanliness, and everything.

Equally, you are dining out at those eating places you discover flaws all throughout your visit. You’ll also notice things that they are doing right. You compare your customer service to their restaurant customer service. So what did you discover?

Forms for restaurants can prepare the restaurant prior to any meal period.  There are some many forms for restaurants, each form serves a purpose.  These forms were created by individuals that spent half their lives in the food service industry.

If that restaurant isn’t up to our standards, we aren’t likely to go back. There are a great number of restaurants that are providing below standard service to their customers. Did you know that 80% to 90 of start-up restaurants fail with-in the first year? While 10% to 20% actually survive the first year. While these figures are scary, you have control of surviving or failing. No matter what the economy is like, you can survive if you know what your customers want and how to provide that service. Getting restaurant customers to say “Wow! That place is a great place to go!”  should be every restaurant owner’s goal.

Other restaurant owners, managers and employees could be sitting at your restaurant tables. They are critiquing you. One way to help you get ahead of the competition is by using every resource possible to make your restaurant better.

Have you considered that simply using a Kitchen and Server readiness checklists can help you prepare for customers and increase the “wow” factor? The kitchen and server readiness forms will help you achieve your goals.  Your goals can be easily obtained by utilizing forms for restaurants.

Are your staff trained in what to do? You may not realize it, but your customers notice if your people aren’t trained. There are really easy to use training tests for your service staff and kitchen staff that can be implemented at any time. This will help your staff be more confident and prepared to do their job.

Using steps of servicetime and temperature charts and other resources can increase repeat business and your bottom line because your service staff and kitchen have resources to help them be more proficient.

We love the Pre-Shift Alley Rally  Forms for restaurants was created because of the same practice that was used in many restaurants that succeeded. This gets the staff motivated and makes sure that everyone is reaching for the same goals you want from your restaurant.

There are so many different forms, checklists, tests, reference charts and so much more that can help you right at your fingertips on our website. These are just tools to help you take your food and service to the next level. Just like the cook needs the right equipment and tools to work, your restaurant needs the right tools to work.

Don’t let your competition beat you. Get organized and use forms, quick  reference charts, checklists and spreadsheets daily. They are an inexpensive and easy way to get your restaurant on track.

We challenge you to go into your own restaurant, bar or diner and sit down as though you are coming in as a customer for the first time. You know nothing about this place… I know it’s hard to do, What do you notice? What is great about your place? What do you think should be changed? Contact us and and see if we have anything that can help you get those customers to be happy that they came to your place and saying “Wow” to their friends, family, co-workers and neighbors.

Forms for restaurants can be found at:

Restaurant Forms and Checklists

Forms and checklists

Restaurant Forms and Checklists

forms and checklists

Why do we need restaurant forms and checklists.

Restaurant forms and checklist help us to get organized and prepared prior to any peak period. Some managers do not believe in using restaurant forms and checklist, these managers are old school.

The old school method may have worked in restaurants years ago because employees back then did what they were instructed to do and they were well behaved.

Back then restaurant forms and checklist were not used like they are used in today’s society.

In today’s society, people think and do things differently. These employees need guidance and follow up pertaining to completing their assigned task. Restaurant forms and checklist help prepare the employees to do the right thing for the right reasons.

Checks and balances and restaurant forms and checklist:

The manager periodically throughout the day conducts his or her walk through and figure eights throughout the restaurant.

While the manager conducts their walk through of the restaurant they are using forms and checklist to tighten up the gap between a chaotic shift and a well-run shift.

How do they tighten up the gap?

Checks and Balances: consistently using restaurant forms and checklist.

Corporate restaurants use restaurant forms and checklist. These restaurant are highly successful in maintaining a health bottom line.

The use of restaurant forms and checklist are vital in restaurant operations and play a great role maintaining repeat business.

There are two very important checklists: 1) Front of the house Shift Readiness Checklist 2) Back of the House Shift Readiness Checklist.

Both front and back of the house shift readiness checklist prepares the shift on WOW customer service. These form’s focus on getting through the entire meal period without any complaints.

Front and back of the house shift readiness checklists focuses on:

  • Manager’s walk-through – jumping into the customer’s shoes and seeing through the guest’s eyes, areas that need attention. This is referred as the customer’s eye. See what they see and eliminate all eye sores.
  • No cigarette butts or trash in the parking lot and surrounding.
  • The front door of the restaurant print free.
  • Greeter area clean and organized.
  • Clean menus at the greeter station.
  • Bathrooms are spotless: clean mirrors, basins, urinals, toilets, ceiling vents and ceiling, partition walls, floors and baby changing stations. No overflowing trash cans. Stocking on paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, hand sanitizer, female sanitation napkins, and baby wipes.
  • Dining room: clean tables or booths and chairs, condiments and the condiment holders, napkin dispensers, table bases, floors and decor. The customer will be looking and listening to everything that occurs with-in their surroundings. They will also look for cleanliness, is the ceiling and the vents clean?
  • Employees are in proper / clean uniforms in view of all customers.
  • Employee behavior is another factor that the customer will be seeing and listening to. Is the staff professional and polite to their customers? Are the customers receiving Wow customer service?
  • Scheduled staff: Are there enough staff scheduled to accommodate the customers in your restaurant. Under staffing will create an inferior customer service. Over staffing will create a very high labor percent and will affect the bottom line.

How do we schedule the right amount of employees?

  • Sales projections
  • Labor projections: Schedule all the employees and assign a rate of pay to each staff member. Add up the total hours for the week and do the math. Multiply the employees’ hours by the rate of pay for each employee. Divide the total labor cost by the total projected sales.
  • Example: The weekly total projected labor dollar’s is $1120. The projected sales for that particular week are $5000. Divide the projected labor dollars $1120 by the projected sales $5000 ($1120 / $5000 X 100 = 22.4%.

The national average labor percent is between 25 to 35%. And that depending upon the style of the restaurant and the mix of sales.

Management average labor percent should be around 10%. Some restaurants separate hourly and the management, labor percentages. Other restaurants combine the labor percentages.

Use the projected labor percent as a guide in scheduling your employee’s. If you overload the schedule because of events or because you are not quite sure on how many employees you need to schedule, then management needs to be proactive per shift. Managers need to manage labor by knowing when to send employees home after the end of a meal period. Cut the employee early enough so that employee can complete the end of the shift break down or clean up. It is all about timing. In order to make a profit you need to control labor and food cost and not to mention great customer service.

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Management also needs to be on the floor where the money is. Touching the customers’ tables is a great way to know if the customer is receiving great customer service. If the guest is not satisfied for whatever reason than it is an opportunity to fix the problem before they leave your restaurant.

Have you ever heard of WORD OF MOUTH?

Word of mouth is the number one source of advertisement. Word of mouth will either make or break your restaurant’s reputation. Focus on one customer at a time. Adopt the following slogan: “Yes is the answer, what is the question” do what you have to do to fix the problem.

What is guest recovery?

GLAD 1) Go to the guest 2) Listen to the guest 3) Apologize to the guest 4) Do what you have to do to fix the problem.

Food temperatures and Plate presentation:

All foods that are hot needs to be heated to 165°F for 15 seconds. Then store the food in a steam table and maintain the temperature of 140°F or higher. Once the temperature drops below 140°F you must reheat the food until it reaches the internal temperature of 165°F for 15 seconds. If you do not see steam coming off the customers’ food do not serve it to the guest, kick the entree back to the cooks and get the temperature back to 165°F. Proper plate presentation and proper garnishes are very important, it adds flare to the dishes.

Restaurant forms and checklist play a huge role in maintaining high standards. Successful restaurants use forms and checklist.

Today’s Summery

Using restaurant forms and checklist are important in maintaining:

  • High standards
  • WOW customer service
  • Positive word of mouth
  • Great tasting food and service
  • Hot food hot, Cold food cold


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