The Customer is King

The Customer is King

the customer is kingOur restaurants would be nothing without the customer. The Customer is King. In this time and age, it is very important to focus on customer service, you need to go over and beyond to get the customer to say and shout “I received WOW Service”.

How does a typical restaurant become a WOW restaurant?
It starts with the hiring process, you need to interview and hire top performing employees.

How do I hire top performing employees?
Two manager interview team – The first manager does the first interview asking open-ended questions.

After the first interview in completed, then the second manager will interview that employee for the second time.

The goal is to get the applicant to do most of the talking, that’s why you should ask open-ended questions. Try to stay away from yes or no questions. You need to learn as much as possible about the applicant’s personal and job history. There are certain legal guidelines that every business has to follow. Interview questions can be tricky, especially if you are asking illegal interview questions that could put you and your restaurant in hot water.

To learn more about the interview process:

To learn more about interview questions:

Once both you and the second interviewing manager decides who would be the best fit for the job, then the next step will be to verify previous job history. It is recommended that you have at least three reference checks done per applicant.

Use this telephone reference check form for your restaurant:

Another great idea is to do criminal background checks on employees who are dealing with money or sensitive material. You can also learn about your applicant’s personal finances by doing a credit check. Remember, it is your restaurant, know who you are hiring. Once everything checks out, then it is time to make a job offer to the applicant.

Training is an Investment not an Expense

Invest in a good quality training program. The return of investments (ROI) will be overwhelming providing management follows the training process that was established in your restaurant. Management and staff members need to be held accountable when goals are not met. Every trainer that is involved in the training process needs to be consistent with each and every employee.

It is recommended that you hold weekly meetings to go over the previous weeks concerns. The person in charge of the weekly meeting should have an action plan form available. The manager will ask the employees for suggestions on how to correct the issues. Sometimes it is better to get other peoples perspective on the situation. To keep things rolling forward, an action plan will be written with targetable results, keep things simple and achievable. When you are writing an action plan, include reasonable time frames.

During these meetings be upbeat, positive and professional.

There are all sorts of topics for your staff meeting that you can choose from:

  • Customer complaints
  • Employee attitudes
  • Food or labor cost issues
  • Declining sales
  • New menu items
  • Employee recognition
  • Training
  • Safety and security


Employee Training

The training process is the most important step in creating a wow restaurant. It sets the tone for a successful, profitable business. If you are not capable in training your staff, then seek professional help.

Restaurant Consulting Companies normally will have available management/staff training services. Think about this, you are investing into your restaurant’s future success.

Owners and managers need to successfully master every position in the restaurant. Managers need to take personal ownership while running shifts. Basically, the manager is acting as if they were the owner. That is a good thing, taking personal ownership in everything you do will create pride in the workplace.

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Once the training process has been successfully completed, then the employee is now ready to work solo. Managers throughout the shift will monitor the employee’s behavior and professionalism while working their assigned positions. Managers will also monitor guest services to ensure that nothing has been compromised. Managers wear many hats, they need to make quick decisions. Successful restaurants have top performing managers and employees.

The Manager Performance Review
A fantastic tool in documenting your manager’s work performance. It is recommended that you do managers performance reviews quarterly. Document the manager’s shortfalls and strengths. Develop and measurable action plans with reasonable, attainable results.

The Managers 360 Feedback Form
Ever desire to evaluate management from the employee’s perspective? The Restaurant manager 360 feedback form is key to recognizing areas of Opportunities.

The restaurant manager 360 feedback form is perfect for keeping your managers on track. The reason it works is because employees are able to help in evaluating a manager.

They can give honest feedback so that you’ll know the manager’s strengths and areas of improvement. The restaurant manager 360 feedback is widely practiced in corporate restaurant all throughout the United States.

Hand out the restaurant manager 360 feedback to a select group of employees that you know that would give you honest feedback. Make certain the employees filling out the restaurant manager 360 feedback form don’t print or sign the form as this needs to be totally anonymous.

The owners/general manager will be reviewing the restaurant manager 360 feedback with management. The reason why the restaurant manager 360 feedback needs to be anonymous is because of possible reprisals against the employee that filled out the form.

The restaurant manager 360 feedback is a great tool if used properly and systematically, it will strengthen the management staff.

Employee Performance Review
This form is useful to help track employee performance and maintain an unbiased and consistent record.

How do you hold your employees accountable? Do you have a system in place to help your employees rank better in proficiency?

By conducting a restaurant performance review on your employees you will be targeting areas of opportunities. Utilize the action plan to correct the employee’s performance and set a time frame to be corrected.

This also is a great way to document the employee’s performance path.

I gave you valuable information and tools to monitor and correct issues that could be hindering your restaurant’s performance.


Step 1) Management and staff training

Step 2) Management oversees the employee’s performance and guest expeditions.

Step 3) Conduct weekly staff meetings

Step 4) Conduct quarterly performance reviews on management and staff members.

The customer is king through implementation of a wow training program. Train your staff members on how you want them to act and function in your place of business.

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