Customer Service Restaurant Forms

Customer service restaurant forms

The customer service restaurant forms are a fantastic way to help with customer service overall. Always provide top-notch customer service. We call it WOW service when the customers rave about your business. Of course, using these forms give you a boost to get your business on track.

Why use Customer Service Forms

Our customer service restaurant forms were designed by people who worked in the restaurant industry for over 25 years. We know firsthand what works what does not work. Customer service forms are useful in every business whether you are a restaurant or not.
Customer Service Restaurant FormsWe also have developed some great surveys and mystery shopper forms that you can use in any restaurant or bar. In addition, there are forms on the steps of services, which every waiter or waitress should know and practice during every shift.

We also have some great blogs and articles about customer service to help you get ideas on how to improve your customer service.

Bonus Tips on Customer Service

Greet customers at the door to create a welcoming effect from the start. Who doesn’t like someone holding the door for them? Every employee should be trained on how to welcome guests, regardless of whether that employee is a dishwasher or your front-of-house manager.

One key to great customer service is knowing how to handle complaints. We have some great methods for customer recovery. Read about how to handle Irate customers. As you know, even the best restaurants sometimes have mistakes or customers that are difficult to serve. Every employee needs to be trained in guest recovery.

We call our method the GLAD method:

  1. Go to the Guest – make eye contact
  2. Listen to the Guest – listen sincerely, without interrupting.
  3. Apologize to the Guest – offer apologies without blaming.
  4. Do what you can to fix the issue – resolve it quickly. Go above and beyond, when possible.

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