Customer Service


WOW Customer Service is key to a thriving business. There are too many businesses that lack customer service skills. In-fact negative customer service will hugely affect your bottom line. Customers that leave your restaurant unhappy will tell their friends, family and co-workers.

Most people have a gigantic Facebook, Google + or Twitter address book. All it takes is to compose a message, then press the send key and off it goes. Your restaurant’s reputation is on the line. What will you do to keep your businesses reputation?

Owners and managers wake up and get focused and energized your businesses future depends on it. Don’t be like so many others restaurants out there that provide below average customer service to their customers.

From the very beginning set high standards and follow through to ensure your guest are receiving top notch customer service from your staff, including management.

In today’s world, people text, email, and share all kinds of things such as: a good restaurant experience or a bad restaurant experience.

Literally hundreds of people will know about the restaurant experience all from one person. You have the power to reverse what people are saying about your business.

It all starts with management, managers set the tone and follow policies and procedures. These managers observe employees either doing the right thing or not doing the right thing.

Train your managers and staff members in customer service skills.

Develop a customer service training manual, review it with all the managers to work out the kinks. Managers and supervisors need to agree to follow and implement the training program daily. Management is the key to a consistent successful training program.

Once the managers know how the training program works, then it is their responsibility for training the rest of the crew. From that point on managers are to observe the staff members while they are performing their task to ensure they are providing top notch customer service to each and every guest that walks through your front doors. Set High standards, your customers will expect it.

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