Customers Eye

Customers Eye

What is the Customers Eye

customers eyePicture a customer standing directly in front of a cash register in a restaurant.  That customer sees through their eyes ever thing that happens in your restaurant.  Now, jump into that customers shoes and see from their perspective ( the customers eye) what you don’t see. Some owners and managers not all are complacent to their surroundings. This is mainly because they are used to seeing and hearing the same thing every day and to them this is normal.

No restaurant owner or manager wants to have a bad reputation all because of bad customer service or the lack of an efficient restaurant. I have been in hundreds of restaurants that fall under this particular category of failing restaurants.

Sometimes the Fix is Obvious

The owner and manager need to take off their side blinders and utilize 360 vision. Be aware of your surroundings visually and listen with your ears on issues that could be happening right under your nose.  Sometimes you have to pretend to be a customer to see and hear from their perspective.

A really great idea is for you to eat your breakfast, lunch or dinner meal in the dining room.

How are your employees interacting with your guest;

  • Is your employee’s demonstration teamwork?
  • Is the servers being attentive?
  • Are the servers approaching the guest within your standard greeting times?
  • Are they mentioning special’s and appetizers?
  • Are guests being greeted quickly?
  • Are the guest food and drinks delivered quickly based on your tickets times?
  • Are the tables reset quickly and correctly?
  • Are the employees doing frequent drink refills and pre-busing?

Listen with Your Ears

You don’t want your guest to hear inappropriate language or conversations that make them feel uncomfortable. As you are sitting at your table in the dining room can you hear the cooks in the kitchen? Are the cooks playing music in the kitchen?

If you can hear the cooks in the kitchen, so do the customers. If you allow the cooks to listen to music, you might want to rethink that policy:

  1. Music in the kitchen is very distracting and can cause accidents. Employees can’t hear other employees saying, “hot behind you”.
  2. Listening to music is not productive when trying to meet the standard check times.
  3. Today’s music may be inappropriate to customers. Also, you may cater to children, parents may find the music offensive.

Listen to your servers as they approach your customers.

There are 5 questions that you need to ask yourself;

  1. Are the greeters and servers meeting the standard greeting times at the door and the initial table approach to each guest?
  2. Are the greeters and servers friendly with every guest?
  3. Are the server’s knowledgeable in regard to the menu and its ingredients?
  4. Are the standard food and drink delivery times at goal?
  5. Are the servers professional and attentive to every customer?

If the answer is no, then it is time to retrain your staff in exceptional customer service that works.

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