Daily Sales Sheet

Daily Sales Spreadsheet Without Alcohol

We also have a daily sales program with alcohol, sold separately.

How to use the daily sales spreadsheet

Using the daily sales spreadsheet keeps a permanent file of all sales figures cash/credit and overage / shortages and etc. Print the nightly closing report from the front or back office POS. Open up the Daily sales excel program. Follow the directions in the instructions tab.

Begin entering in the nightly figures, such as:

  • Revenue
  • Sales tax
  • Comps
  • Discounts
  • Adjustments
  • Cash deposit
  • Credit card amounts
  • Cash
  • Customer Counts

Once you have entered all the figures it automatically calculates your ending numbers. This program is a great tracking tool and also a record or documentation of the daily and week-to-date figures.

What does this program include?

  • A record of your restaurant’s cash flow.
  • At a glance, you will know what your percentages are per category.
  • Where you stand on sales increases or decreases for the entire day.
  • The total amount of all coupons you redeemed
  • Totals of all guest comps processed
  • The amounts discounted on employee and manager meals
  • View at a glance month-to-month and year-to-date all the totals of each category.
  • In addition, we set up bar charts to view the progress of your restaurant’s sales, comps, guest counts, and cash shortages or overages. Consequently, this allows you to see a bigger picture and help determine where problems are occurring, so you can quickly find solutions.
  • The bottom of each daily sales spreadsheet includes a Manager’s Communication Log and an overall calendar.

Furthermore, we can customize this program to meet your unique needs and budget.

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Daily Sales Sheet Without Alcohol

Daily Sales

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How to use the manager’s log?

The manager’s log is an added bonus to the daily sales without alcohol.

Sometimes the manager’s log serves as a legal document. Ideally, use it to record call-outs, reservations, customer issues, employee-related issues and so forth. The managers also record shortages or overages and any steps they take. You can track cash shortages, and pinpoint when and where and who.

Manager Log

daily sales without alcohol

Daily Sales without Alcohol and added bonus

daily sales without alcohol

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