Employee Exit Interview

Employee Exit Interview

Why use the Employee Exit Interview form?

The employee exit interview form is a great way to help you determine why the employee is leaving the restaurant or business. Ask the employee to complete this form if the person is being terminated or quits. The exiting employee fills out the form. Sometimes this is the most honest an employee will be. The person can explain why he/she is leaving the restaurant. Use the information you gather from the interview to learn about potential areas of improvement.

The information collected will help you determine if you have issues which need attention. Since most employees who are leaving will be honest, it’s a great chance to pinpoint the issues you may not see. The reasons could be a management issue, the morale of the employees, the atmosphere of the restaurant or even a training issue. It is best to compare several exit interviews. You can look for similarities that may give you greater insight into your business. If employees are saying the same thing in different exit interviews, then there is an issue. Always think about who is filling out the employee exit interview. Would that employee give you good feedback?

Employees are trained by either trainers or management. These employees will only be as good as you train them. There is always a reason as to why employees quit or are terminated from employment. As an owner of a business, you want your business to be the best it can be. Managers may not have been trained correctly or they lost interest. These managers give poor direction to the crew. You may not pick up on this issue in your daily activities.

The real question of the exit interview is “Why?”

Knowledge is power. You can do something about what you know. The only way you are going to know why is by asking, “Why are you leaving?” Use the Exit Interview to truly know why they want to leave your business. This form was designed for restaurants, however, it also can be used by any business.

Here is a great restaurant form
Exiting Employee Checklists

Employee Exit Interview

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