Employee New Hire Checklist

Employee New Hire Checklist

This format of this checklist is an excellent way to make sure you have covered all the topics during new hire orientation and captured valuable information about your new employee. Topics include: Policies, Dress Code Standards, Pay and Scheduling, Professionalism, Time Keeping, Security, OSHA, and Safety Training. This checklist is a great way to get every new hire on track. Use the checklist to verify that everything has been done. Have employees fill in the basic information and emergency contacts at the bottom of the form.

All this information is vital for your records and to be sure you have covered key topics with new employees. It’s perfect for keeping a written record!

New Hire Checklist How do you use this awesome form?

On the first day for your newly hired staff members, give each new hire the Hiring Checklist and Information Sheet. Have each employee complete the employee information area. The New Hire Orientation Checklist can be used to verify that you have covered the vital information for your new employee.

Workplace Wizards can create an employee handbook for your establishment.

Hire New Checklist


employee new hire checklist
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